Using Correlation in LoadRunner scripts – visual tutorial. Today, I will explain – what is LoadRunner correlation and how to perform it. This is what we call correlation in Load runner. If you make session id. An example is shown below. loadrunner tutorial correlation session id. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

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And I am facing a problem in correlation. I followed the blog and created a regular expression with multiple capturing groups. What tutoorial CurrentMonthID parameter?

After selecting a dynamic value from this xml data, I right clicked, but i am not getting “Create Parameter” option. This link would be helpful to you. February 2, Reply. Manual correlation is a choice of real LoadRunner engineer.

How to capture array of dynamic data?


Thank you for visiting and reading. In other words, it captures a dynamic value.

Using Correlation in LoadRunner scripts – visual tutorial

Please, share your comments and thoughts, dear readers. Do you have ideas for further topics – welcome: I’m going through the tutorial and have a question in regard to the correlation studio. I have an issue. The possible values are: How to organize user-defined functions into LoadRu After that you will see the message box: Run LoadRunner from command line LoadRunner 9.

Could you help me moving forward with the script. April 27, Reply. Excellent, You loadrjnner Rocking. Correlation can be done with 2 ways: The right boundary of the parameter or the dynamic data. I am not getting dynamic values in the response of previous request.

The offset of a sub-string of the found value, to save to the parameter. Correlate the values from a drop down list of a form Source: Looking forward for Many useful examples.

LoadRunner Correlation with web_reg_save_param_regexp

We will make sure our tutorial is clearer in our upcoming releases, thanks for pointing this out to us! There will be ttutorial inserted, so that it will be easier for you to see where all the correlations have been made. I am new to laod runner and it helped me a lot.


To further customize the search text, use one or more text flags.

Performance Testing – Load Runner Tutorials Guru99

This means that server’s response for generateChecksum. Drop me mail at vivek. Used when working with a non-supported application server for which the context is known. There are tutoorial dynamic values passed to the web service in the input argument, wich is an xml string type. Where is the problem?

There are several questions but the webpage will ask one at a time.