Designed for heavy commercial and industrial systems, the Liftmaster SL slide gate operator can support up to 70 foot gate lengths and up to pounds . LiftMaster / Chamberlain SL 1HP Commercial Duty Slide Gate Operator (also referred to as a slide gate motor or slide gate opener) For Gates Up To 70 ft. or. Redesigned, the new slUL just got a little smarter.

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This advanced system provides the added convenience of connecting accessories to either operator.

The included monitored photoeye infrared beam liftmasyer and prevent accidents constantly. Allows you to monitor and operate your garage door opener or gate operator, or turn on or off lights in or aroun Security and safety for both house and business is a primary focus of this Liftmaster gate operator.

LED indicators, an intelligent digital logic control, control inputs, surge and spike protection and more are securely working under a hinged, protective cover. Your purchase comes with a personal tech support expert Telephone: Receiver and Transmitter Kit.

Liftmaster LM Internet Gateway. External Alarm Reset Button This allows for quick reset of the gate operator when the alarm has been activated. Comes with a safety edge – please add wireless kit for it.

Liftmaster SL Product Brochure. The powerful design liftmaser gate lengths up to 75 ft. A strong powder coated galvanized steel chassis, all-weather gearbox, as well as a weather-resistant, lockable cover ensure years of rugged and reliable performance.


Liftmaster LM 1-Button Remote. The unit is flush with sophistication. Your castle, whether residential or industrial, needs protection. And that thought of protection begins literally, right at the gate. Shipping Policy Most orders are shipped the same day or next business day so585 Contact us today for more information. Inherent obstruction sensing, advanced dual gate operation, maglock control, and mechanical braking ensures seamless entry and exit, but only for those allowed to do so.

Your entire exclusive gated community or high end industrial complex litfmaster feel the security exuding from the robust and highly muscular SLU gate openening system.

This massive machine moves and supports huge gate lengths of up to 70ft and 1, pounds yet the unit is still fully compliant with UL code and regulations. External Obstruction Sensing Input connections are provided for external contact and non-contact sensors, such as photo-eyes and edge devices.

The LiftMaster / Chamberlain SL585 1 HP Slide Gate Operator

Its universal footprint offers ease of placement and operation. Account Order Status Tracking. Control Inputs Control inputs allow the connection of a full range of optional external devices like loop detectors, access control systems and radio receivers.

The range of controls is extensive: Mechanical Braking The mechanical braking system adds substantial gate position control at all points in travel.


Liftmaster SL | Slide Gate Operator | LDI

If you are in the big leagues with your community and your business, the Liftmaster SL has the strength and dependability to keep your castle guarded. Read More Return Policy The original purchaser has a period of 30 days to return a purchase Read More Call us now We are here to help!

Integrated 3-Button Control Station 3-button control station incorporated into the outside of the control box to speed installation and troubleshooting. Chain 50 Nickel Plated. This will go great with the above items: Digital Logic Control Supports long-distance control wiring runs of over 1, ft.

Limit Settings All driven limit nut switches are fully adjustable, adding considerable convenience to unit installation and maintenance. Advanced Dual Gate Operation This convenient 2-wire system allows the operation of 2 separate gate operators in unison at a single entrance.

Liftmaster SL585

This will provide a 3-second warning prior to and during gate movement. Sequenced Access Management The sequenced access management SAM system provides the capability to sequentially control the operator in tandem with a barrier gate. Sl855 and MyQ are registered trademarks of the chamberlain group, Inc.