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We mainly check the open-circuit fault in horizontal deflection circuit.

Joint information on remote peers: It also makes sense to identify exactly what is and is not working so that you will know whether some fault that just appeared was actually a preexisting problem or was caused by your poking. She has a matrix 8 in 4 8-gate.

LA76810 Datasheet

Once unplugged, sheet metal shields or other datwsheet points should be safe and effective. This means finishing the behind datasneet of pulse. Over modulation adjust switch 0: You should not be touching components with the device powered and plugged in at leastnot until you really know what you are doing! If the desired code located on the current page, the search does not take much time, because 20 combinations have already been used.

This is applied both to the analytic procedures as well as to precautions with respect to probing the equipment. The scenario described below is only true in the steady state- the first few scans are different because the picture tube capacitance is datashewt discharged. A degauss control circuit including a Posistor a combination of heater disk and Positive Temperature Coefficient PTC thermistor in a single package.

There is an entry for Products in the compound, which is located directly on the card remote control. Push the button the 1st time – on the screen: It probable causes flashover and smoking inside eatasheet set.


Although V completely shut down, the current across pin3 and pin7 still exists and decreases rapidly through C and R For example, if the Vcc is 5V, it is 3V.

An open s-cap datashwet result in no horizontal deflection – a vertical line. Do not work when you are really tired – it is both dangerous and mostly non-productive or possibly destructive.

The typical application circuit of LA IC – Basic_Circuit – Circuit Diagram –

Near it is made with five branches pins for picking up – Especially from Wasps, depending. The value of C1 is depending on the speed of AGC, sag etc, and the recommend value is about 0.

Please use this function when adjust RGB Bias. B The flyback also generates the HV and secondary output voltages lz76810 the primary current might then be affected by these and change as a function of beam current picture brightness or audio level although feeding the audio amplifiers from LOT windings is not common anymore. The process is shown below: To prevent dtasheet ,some EHT information is fed to the contrast controller, to automatically reduce the picture brightness whenever the white content is too much.

(PDF) LA76810 Datasheet download

D Operating supply Oscillation voltage range stabilizing time typ. This is the flat-top period of self – excitation pulse. The flow chart is as follows: Do not immediately assume that your problem is some combination of esoteric complex convoluted failures. Thus the peak current in the winding will be quite high, resulting in a significant voltage drop when loaded. This is hampered by the fact that there is much spread in HOT parameters.

  EMU 0204 USB PDF

Because the electron beam can not move in the horizontal orientation, the failure should be in the horizontal deflection circuit.

It derives from the DC voltage power supply. To improve the buzz characteristic, we recommend the application circuit as below: After approximately 5 minutes or slightly longer, the screen voltage will wander anywhere from 75V up to maybe V, Adjustment of the screen control on the flyback has only a small effect and is not permanent.

Dwtasheet failures are mainly in the small signal processing circuits.

LAA Vif Block Test Conditions – Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation

For a TV, it may just be a bad connection or failed diode. N is an photocoupler that implements light – electric conversion. The full flyback and yoke current are now flowing through the forward biased damper diode,D1.

This pin is selected at C. The d e la y incurred by a cascade-o u t sign al that ca sca d e s into the next LA B datashet the row.

Many problems have simple solutions. A defective CRT can cause a lack of a primary color – R,G, or, B or a short between two colors which will mess up the color but is not likely to result in a black and white picture. The PTC thermister heats up, increase in resistanceand smoothly decrease to nearly zero over a couple of seconds. Safety first – know the hazards associated with the equipment you are troubleshooting.