Sanyo Electric datasheet, (LA / LA) 2-Channel AF Power AMP for Radio Tape Recoder (1-page), datasheet, pdf, datasheet pdf, pinouts. Part, LA Category. Description. Company, Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation. Datasheet, Download LA datasheet. Cross ref. Similar parts: ECG Download Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation LA pdf datasheet file.

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It’s true, they don’t make them like they used to. A novel source of resistance to Tomato yellow leaf curl virus exhibiting a symptomless reaction to viral infection. Ty-1 and Ty-3 originate from S. Out of more than accessions of 13 wild tomato datasheef, about accessions showed a symptomless response to TYLCD infection, either by agroinfiltration or by natural whitefly infection.

Serial number ranges that have been spotted are, andwith the first three appearing to be “old” samples with some smaller differences, e. There is a flip stand on the back to allow for a tilted position. There’s still a bit much paper tape in use, but hey, the looks aren’t that important here. So what do I think of its performance these days? As this model was discontinued in mid, this may actually have been the last batch.

Ty-6 is the most recently identified TYLCV resistance locus on the long arm of chromosome 10, presumably originating from S. Didn’t really help, now looking for something with better isolation and less brightness.

That’s tradeoffs, I guess Ironically, the RP now is my portable radio of choice to get lugged around along with the trusty iAudio G3. FM deemphasis doesn’t look too bad though. Resistance breakage facilitates TYLCD epidemics, which urges plant breeders to continuously search for effective novel sources of resistance in the wild tomato gene pool. A total of non-volatile presets are provided that are spread over either 4, 5, 8 or 20 pages depending on setup, and there are clock and vatasheet functions as well.


MTAN6385-AHRG Datasheet

Normally you can also pay twice that. Many efforts have been focused on identification of resistance sources by screening wild tomato species. The case with decent fit and finish isn’t all that sturdy and tends to creak if you press on it, the front part has developed a crack above the tuning knob. Might be worth a shot if one can fit it. On each date, each plant was rated using a 0 to 4 datsheet severity index DSI described by Friedmann et dataheet.

The actual front is no larger than for the predecessor, but they cheated a bit and had the controls on the right-hand side stick out to allow for a larger circuit board size. The set was supplied with an antenna adapter that takes coax.

The crossover is simple, a 2. More unusually, the whip antenna, which can be pulled datashret a bit like on various Sony models, finds itself attached at the top right left is more common.

LA Datasheet PDF –

Apparently this is related to the Philips all-in-one radio chip with minimal external parts count used, which is an amazing feat of integration but seems to have its quirks. It’s nothing you’d spend big bucks on these days. Internal construction is reminiscent of the contemporary s but a little different again; mechanically datssheet ICF-SW40 appears to be very similar. This is a fairly service-friendly set. Not so sure with one of the newer cost-cutting affected samples though.

Who doesn’t remember it, the classic that started it all? Little is known about Ty-6 or the datasneet to which it is utilized commercially.


Resistance to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus in Tomato Germplasm

One is that other Ty -genes, such as Ty-4 and Ty-6 may be present in these accessions. Up till now, introgressions of Ty-1Ty-2and Ty-3 into cultivated tomato have been the major focus in breeding programs.

Other than that, the mechanics are very rugged, even the knobs are made of metal not so good in case of the volume control, since touching it when using an external power supply will cause a hum. The Quad 44 preamp was the first More information.

The FM frontend reminds me of what I’ve seen in Grundig Sonoclock alarm clocks which admittedly tended to have pretty good FM parts, see belowit employs two tuned variable RF circuits 1x pre mixer, 1x osc plus two fixed resonant circuits in front of the RF preamp and self-oscillating mixer can give good performance when carefully optimized for dynamic range, as strong signals may cause detuning or even “blow out” the LO signalfor which bipolar transistors in common base topology are used.

Runs on 3 AAs, one of which is for clock operation. The main opponent in reception will be the venerable ICF-SW, freshly datasjeet by aforementioned gentleman his third “patient” in a row, all with the caps measurably dried out and with PCB corrosion on one sample. Extensive cleaning was required, including a polish of the dial window.

Visser2 Anne-Marie A.