In his short story “The Kugelmass Episode,” Woody Allen extends the relationship between reader and text posited by reader-response critics. “The Kugelmass. The Kugelmass EpisodeWoody Allen Source for information on The Kugelmass Episode: Short Stories for Students dictionary. “The Kugelmass Episode” opens with Kugelmass, a middle-aged, unhappily married humanities professor seeking the advice of his analyst, Dr. Mandel.

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Jay rated it liked it Sep 13, Much to the horror of the audience and other characters in the film, he decides to climb out of the movie and run off with her. As Jewish immigrants began to assimilate, their humor began to integrate into mainstream American entertainment.

He tells Emma he will return as soon as possible, calls for Persky, and is transported back to New York. Really quick but really good.

There he meets with his hilariously bizarre ending—thrust by mistake into a remedial Spanish textbook and running for his spisode as he is chased by a large and hairy irregular verb. Kugelmass has married an oaf named Daphne.

Using these characters, Allen also satirizes literature and high art, material pursuits, Jewish culture, and the entertainment industry.

The story is a parody of a number of types of people and situations. Much of the humor of “The Kugelmass Episode” comes from his characters’ manner of speech, as they use slang and expressions that undercut the seriousness of the situations they are in.

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. When Kugelmass is skeptical epsiode his transporting cabinet, he tells Kugelmass “It’s the emess,” then asks for a “double sawbuck” to transport him to Madame Bovary. Jan 16, Adam rated it really liked it.


His large body of work and cerebral film style, mixing satire, wit and humor, have made him one of the most respected and prolific filmmakers in the modern era. Mandel, Persky, and even Kugelmass’s jealous colleague, Fivish Kopkind. The professor is Kugelmass’s colleague, a professor of comparative literature at the City College of New York. Rodolphe is Emma Kugelmas lover in the novel Madame Bovary. Kaitlyn Hurd rated it it was ok Mar 20, He thinks that Daphne is “an oaf.

When she finds herself unable to get back to the novel, she complains to Kugelmass that watching TV all day is boring; she wants to take a class or get a job.

The Kugelmass Episode

Kugelmass is described as aging and “bald and hairy as a bear,” and kugelmasss thinks, mistakenly, that he has “soul. The Kugelmass Episode by Woody Allen. He doesn’t speak like an educated man at all, but uses colloquialisms and a very New York Jewish speech pattern; the only time he deviates from this is to call his wife a “troglodyte” a mugelmass dweller and to whisper sweet nothings into Emma Bovary’s ear.

But, he thinks, Emma is “beautiful. She detests her marriage and life in the country and is enthralled by Kugelmass’s stories of Broadway nightlife, fast cars, Hollywood, and TV.

The Kugelmass Episode – Side Effects :: Woody Allen

Refresh and try again. Since then, the American comedy scene has embraced Jewish comics and Jewish humor.

Two short critical pieces on the story appeared in and issues of the Explicator discussing kugelmaws work’s Jewish references and relationship to reader-response theory and criticism. Henry Award the following year and was published in his third and final prose collection, Side Effects By the mids, a literary form of humor created by Jewish comics came out of Vaudeville: He wants to commit suicide or run away.


It was well received critically when it first appeared in The New Yorker inevidenced by it being short-listed for and then winning the first prize in the following year’s O.

In his short story “The Kugelmass Episode,” Woody Allen extends the relationship between reader and text posited by reader-response critics. The literary critics in “The Kugelmass Episode” don’t know what to make of it when the text of Madame Bovary changes; the novel has an expected progression, unlike life, and the Stanford professor “cannot get his episodw around” the fact that suddenly it does not.

But he doesn’t learn from his mistakes, because the call of flesh is more powerful than that of his head. Allen writes and directs his movies and has also acted in the majority of them.

The Kugelmass Episode by Woody Allen

But the machine is fixed at last, and Kugelmass rushes Emma to Persky’s and eventually back epjsode the novel. Daphne is Kugelmass’s current, and second, wife. Madame Bovary, where Emma is found to kugelmas bored with her spouse and in search of romance, stating to Kugelmass, “I’ve always dreamed that some mysterious stranger would appear and rescue me from the monotony of this crass rural existence.

But it was also much more clever and self-consciously reflective even while being self-deprecating and zany.