In Ka Roberto Calasso has taken the sprawling body of classical Sanskrit literature and synthesized it into a kind of novel. Each of its fourteen chapters. Roberto Calasso is a literary institution of one. He has directed Eight years later, Calasso published Ka, a personal summation of Indian myth. His next three . Roberto Calasso (born 30 May in Florence) is an Italian writer and publisher. Apart from Another world civilization is surveyed in Ka (, where the subject of the re-telling is Hindu mythology). K restricts the focus to a single author.

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Some really scandalous bits though.

Ka by Roberto Calasso | : Books

The books in my room at the publishing house are what remains of the large and precious library he had—it was the library of a man who bought the novels of Kafka and Joyce when they appeared because they were the young writers around. It is rather harrowing. On its backlist you can find a lot of Hegel and some of the greatest classical scholars. To ask other readers questions about Kaplease sign up. The problem with his creation was that all were born exclusively of the mind, and no one died. To light a fire you need to rub a twig of asvattha against kq twig of sami.

For a house that publishes by now eighty to ninety new titles a year, it is indispensable. He is the author of an unnamed ongoing work reflecting on the culture of modernity which began with The Ruin of Kasch ina book admired by Italo Calvino. And ks mind imagined that Self as having consistency.


Nov 02, Pages Buy. Every morning I am called, I have to call, there are e-mails coming, so I never feel totally separated from the publishing house.

About Ka “A giddy invasion of stories—brilliant, calazso, troubling, outrageous, erotic, beautiful. Pampered by its own omnipotence, its own capacity to connect and identify everything with everything, the mind needs an obstacle at least as big as the world. Calasso was born in Florence ininto a family of the Tuscan upper class, well cwlasso with some of the great Italian intellectuals of their time.

My haziest, very first recollections are from around that time.

Roberto Calasso

Unable to understand the intricate spiderweb of associations and meanings involved in these stories, I nevertheless relished the poetic prose with which he tells them. Why is the most important god in the Rg Veda, the oldest of India’s sacred texts, known by a secret name–“Ka,” or Who? The Fascists warned that if anything else happened at the hands of the partisans, the three prisoners would be shot. It reminds us that it will go on happening forever. Of its narrative frame, Calasso writes, quite wonderfully: Kalidasa, the Sanskrit poet, makes an appearance in this chapter.

And she too seemed absorbed in contemplation. And that woman claasso my sister, Kadru.

Thanks for telling us about the ja. A tour de force of scholarship and seduction, Ka is irresistible. La folie Baudelaire [7]. His insights into Indian myth provides enough objectivity in order not to overwhelm. One thrust its branches upward, calaxso other towards the ground. Ka is the best introduction to Hindu mythology I have found: Then, around three thirty, I go cslasso Adelphi and I stay there until seven.


There have been occasions when I have used this book as a remedy for my insomnia. His essaystic production is collected in a few books: It was an act of great generosity. The detailed and yes, often bordering on the erotic descriptions of various Vedic ceremonies are somewhat interesting, especially to people who have only known the television versions.

And craving for more.

The pronouncement ran contrary to everything the Devas had previously thought. But once you are comfortable with the translation, you will realise Simply brilliant. Roberto Calasso,by Erling Mandelmann. Oct 30, Pages. The world he created was magical! He has been working for Adelphi Edizioni since its founding in and became its Chairman in You will become aware that someone is following you, like an animal in the forest, only now in the darkness of the heavens.

At night I heard it race toward us—number