Tools that can be used by international visitors to collect information by themselves when disasters occur. Websites etc. JNTO Global. The JNTO hosted a Japan roadshow at Customs House last night. sumo wrestling in Tokyo and staying in a farmhouse out of Takayama. Japan International Airport (Centrair), Hida Takayama is a city in the mountainous region which also portrays JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organisation).

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Gifu Hida Folk Village Gifu-ken. Enter your proposal or inquiry. Rakayama Takayama Festival, which is full of historical appeal, is held only for two days each spring and fall. Whether you see one or both of takayaama days, this festival is a must-see, and, hopefully, one that you can fit your schedule around.

An hour south of Takayama, or two hours north of Nagoya, Gero Onsen is a renowned hot spring resort. Takayama has all these qualities: During both the spring and fall festivals, there are long lines with hundreds of people parading around town in processions called matsuri-gyoretsu and go-shinko involves moving altars with deities from one place to another.

The seven-minute Shinhotaka Rope Way sky tram took me up to a panoramic viewing platform. The Takayama Festival also includes events performed after the sun goes down. Explore the two markets, one on the bank of the Miyagawa River and another in front of Takayama Jinya, the former local government office.

Takayama Museum of History and Art covers everything about the city’s history, including many celebrated local writers and artists. Takayama is a haven for history buffs.


Many of the traditional gassho-zukuri houses are open to the public, and a few function as inns. The mood of the festivals is joyous—a happy communion between the people of Takayama and the place they live.

Widely considered Gifu’s crown jewel, the mountain-ringed city of Takayama is a fantastic destination in itself, but also an excellent base from which to explore the Japan Alps and the surrounding Hida area.

A visit to the Tsurunoyu Onsen.

Browse our booklets, pictures and videos library and find the right tools to help you promote your MICE event in Japan. On both April 14th and 15th, there are events such as the Yatai Hikisoroe held here. See our cookies policy for more information.

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Akita City is a core city with a population ofAtkayama snow monkey park. Eleven yatai that are completely different from those at the Sanno Festival travel through the streets at this time.

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Shikoku Tokushima Takamatsu Matsuyama. We’ve summarized the festival dates ofthe highlights of the festival, and how to get there below. Chugoku Matsue Okayama Hiroshima Shimonoseki. There are three public baths, and the private ones attached to hotels and ryokan are open to the public at certain times of the day. With its fancy parade floats and traditional clothing, this festival is extremely captivating. The city has seven sake breweries that host tastings and sell their wares.


Useful tools for tourists when a natural disaster occurs | HIDA TAKAYAMA

Tohoku Akita City is a core city knto a population ofIt is also sister cities with Lijiang, a city in Southwestern China known for its traditional architecture and spectacular atkayama of nearby mountains. Easy Access From Takamatsu! Hakusan is also a favored spot for climbers and nature photographers alike, with stunning waterfalls and lakes around the base of the mountain. Highlights And Schedule In Gifu Some of the participants wear wearing tokeraku, a type of colorful kimono native to the Hida area, with others are dressed formally as samurai.

Gifu Miyagawa Morning Market Takayqma. Beyond the city, the jagged ridgelines of the Northern Japanese Alps rise into the sky, topping ten thousand feet.

Planning a Trip to Japan? We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. Kushiro is a port city located on the Pacific coast in eastern Hokkaido, and boasts an abundance of fishery resources as well as distinct, world-cl This will take four hours and 20 minutes, and cost 14, yen.

How to Get There. Sapporo offers the perfect blend of magnificent nature and jntl convenience, with an abundance of centrally located meeting facilities and hotels Gifu Shinhotaka Ropeway Gifu-ken. Promotional Resources Browse our booklets, pictures and videos library and find the right tools to help you promote your MICE event in Japan.