Cyprian Ekwensi’s Jagua Nana is a tale of life in Lagos in the early s. It is about a woman caught between true love and the need to fend for herself by any . Cyprian Ekwensi, Jagua Nana. (New York: Fawcett Premier Book, ), Pages. A Book Review By Ozodi Osuji Yesterday, July 26, Jagua Nana: Cyprian Ekwensi: Jagua Nana (), Ekwensi’s most successful novel, has as its protagonist Jagua, a charming, colourful, and impressive.

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In the end, though, she is captured by tradition and must go home to care for her aging mother.

Jagua Nana | work by Ekwensi |

As his protagonist is a relatively unschooled woman driven by her passions, this works pretty well. Seyi Onabanjo rated it it was amazing Aug 28, In an odd sort of way, her shameless story becomes the archetypal quest narrative for the Igbo in diaspora. The story took place a few days before this Christmas. For a while, a woman of unparalleled beauty and great natural skills forsakes her village, her family, and the traditional path of duty.

Where did she come from, this Onitsha heroine?

At last even at her age, she gets pregnant! Even when she is forced back to the rural areas village where she continues providing sex for men, including pertinent aristocracy.

But there are plenty of ideas as well, many circulating around the experience of the Czechs under the Russians. Afraid of losing her beauty, Jagua whose cgprian name is meant to evoke the glamour of the Jaguar automobile clings to Freddie, a young, impoverished law student whom she hopes to marry after he completes his studies. There she manages to end a chieftaincy dispute with a neighboring village that had been threatening to flare into war for years.


Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. The three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria—Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba—were also the three largest in Africa, and each had jxgua political party dedicated primarily to its welfare. Hamid is extensively reviewed so I’m not going to say much here, other than I was surprised by his rather optimistic story.

Jagua Nana – Wikipedia

While walking about Tinunbu Square, Lagos looking at stores with expensive merchandise that naja would like to buy, she noticed that some folks were following her. May 04, Ugo Agada-uyah rated it really liked it.

The book, although a novel, for all intents and purposes, is a sociological documentation of life in the Lagos and Nigeria of the time that Mr. In fact, it is only when this nearly year-old woman returns to her roots that she is able to conceive a child—by an anonymous lover, during a tryst near the river shrine of the traditional Igbo deity of fertility.

In a country jaguw ethnically diverse and commercially active as Nigeria, Uagua is one of the few elements of national unity. Nico rated it really liked it Sep 06, However, he goes off to England and, unknown to Jagua, takes Nancy.


The scene of the two women having a cat fight in the night club yb hilarious; imagine two middle aged whores going at each other, tearing each other’s clothes, making each other naked, thus showing their ugly aging ekensi.

Paperbackpages. In the end, though, it was not a book I would press on people, saying ‘you have to read this.

They told her that they were looking for a woman to take to their white master at Ikoyi. There is plenty here to chew on and a great story to enjoy.

Jagua Nana

She had chosen the brightest lipstick in her bag, her blouse was sleeveless and cut so low that only the tips of her breasts were covered. Brassy, sassy and the vulnerable warrior, jagua nana is an icon of the urban black asskicker!

Sierra Leonean critic Eustace Palmer led the charge:. Although the strategies of love were fully explored, the brass.

Cyprian Ekwensi: Jagua Nana

How many Nigerian lives are being lost and isn’t quackery taking its ugly toll? Mar 13, Alasdair Ekpenyong rated it it was amazing. May 16, Eric rated it really liked it. Thus, she began to look around for something better.