How To Complete Your IACRA Application. Please visit the IACRA website at and Login. You will need to create an account if you have not. To fill in your FAA Form application form for Military Competency to. Commercial Pilot and Instrument Rating, you must first register with IACRA. Go. You are going to fill out the FAA Form for your Military Competency (Mil Comp) to. Commercial Pilot / Instrument rating application by using the IACRA.

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But they’ve been a bad actor too many times for us not to be wary.

This information may be presented in more than one form of identification. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

FAA Form (Part Remote Pilot Certificate) –

You will need to meet with your student izcra since you validate their identity and command of English for this certification. You can also go to a DPE but I think it is better to meet your local FSDO employees because they are the ones that will be doing the investigations in your area. Xavier views Private Pilot.

According to the new FAA ruleas of April 1st, all new pilots now have to apply for their student pilot certificates through IACRA or on a paper not encouraged. Aug 16, Messages: Never heard of it and I’ve given many flight reviews and IPC’s. If you have a problem, please write a comment and we can all learn something. Skip to content According to the new FAA ruleas of April 1st, all new pilots now have to apply for their student pilot certificates through IACRA or on a paper not encouraged.


I sense that this iaxra be a trial for something much more intensive and invasive, what I’m not sure. FAA Practical Test prep that reflects actual checkrides.

Your name or email address: There should be a pull down with several options here. There was a box at this point that specifically said that he had to do this. Thank for very much for your support Loading I value my time far more than providing make-work or convenience to the FAA.

Logbook entries for the ground and flight time. Thanks…I hope this helps. W I wrote in my logbook two flying times in a cross country space, but fine I fix it in my logbook, but not in my IACRAwhen I got to take the check ride I thought everything was fine I signed and submited. Now check your email to download the PDF. Do you already have an account? Our amazing member benefits alone make this commitment worthwhile fun! Oct 25, Messages: Am I able to act as a recommending instructor if I only hold a Ground Instructor rating at this time?

Personally I would copy the final result with the date so you can track the progress on the application. Mark Kolber on Jul 05, It doesn’t serve your interests, and costs you, and maybe someone else, some time. May 25, Messages: Discussion in ‘ Flight Following ‘ started by Maxed-outDec 15, Absent a tangible benefit to the pilot, of a value equal to the hassle, no way.

Sep 9, Messages: If I were guessing, someone at the FAA is wondering “How many of these pilots are actually ‘current’ and active? The medical travels separately and could iacrs acquired later before solo obviously according to the help desk. My speculation is that it’s like the flight time entries on the – optional except for the prerequisites for the certificate or rating supplied for, but suggested 871 a good idea to have a record of some information in the case of a later lost logbook.


This process cannot be performed remotely.

FAA Form 8710-13 (Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate)

BillTIZDec 15, SundancerDec 19, Present the completed FAA Form along with the online course completion certificate or knowledge test report as applicable and proof of a current flight review. GCADec 19, Take your time and remember to always scroll to the bottom of the page for the action buttons…be patient and good luck! This route is for current pilots meaning they have a biannual flight review in their logbook and took the online training exam different than the initial knowledge exam.

This button should pop up a pdf of the application depending on your internet connection this might require some waiting. I just talked with a CFI that I used for my last Flight Review and he said that although it’s optional, it’s also in an Advisory Circular, and when the excrement hits the rotating blades, he wants to appear as the CFI that went “by the book.