HP Photosmart Premium C series Help. 3. HP Ph otos mart Pre m ium. C3. 09 series Help Cancel: Stops the current operation. 8. Help: Opens the Help Menu . Raise photo tray lid and slide paper-width guide outwards. Load media. Troubleshooting guide and online help for your HP Photosmart Premium Fax All- in-One Printer – Ca. HP Photosmart Ca: User Guide. Photosmart Ca All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Photosmart premium fax all-in-one printer – c

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You subscribed to a voice mail service at the same phone number you used for fax calls. One or more of the ink cartridges were not installed. Highlight Network and press OK. Now printing from ANY app is broken. Open the cartridge access door by lifting from the front-right of the product, until the door locks into place.

If the same error appears repeatedly, try turning off ECM. Page 67 Fax speed setting Fax speed Fast v. Lightly dampen a clean, lint-free cloth with bottled or distilled water. Chapter 4 Telephone wall jack Use the phone cord supplied in the box with the product Telephone For more information on setting up the product with your telephone, see the printed documentation that came with diletype product.


Replace the cartridges Follow these instructions when you need to replace cartridges. Chapter 4 Load media Do one of the following: I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s some kind of a general problem with HP printers and inkscape but I’m not sure, so I’m asking you is there something wrong with my system or not and is there a solution to this problem.

If you have installed a refilled or remanufactured cartridge, or a cartridge that has been used in another product, the ink level indicator might be inaccurate or unavailable. Page Touch Fax Speed. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for each cartridge you are replacing.

Print And Evaluate A Print Phitosmart Report Chapter 12 During the warranty period the product is covered as long as the HP ink is not depleted and the end of warranty date has not been reached. If you already understand how to connect to a network, you can use the general directions below.

HP Photosmart Premium C310 User Manual

Chapter 13 Clean the electrical contacts inside the product. Network troubleshooting If you are encountering issues using your HP Photosmart over a network, try the manusl steps in the order listed: Page Notice to users in the European Economic Area Notice to users of the German telephone network Australia wired fax statement Regulatory telecommunication notices Page 46 Optional Continue left-right scrolling to add more photos to the print queue.

HP Photosmart to the network, lhotosmart wireless radio is turned on automatically. Remove the memory card and reinsert it correctly. HP recommends that you set up the fax header by using the software that you installed with the HP Photosmart.


HP Photosmart C309n User Manual

Remove cartridge from packaging. Load one sheet of paper at a time C390a 1: Set the fax header The fax header prints your name and fax number on the top of every fax you send. Warranty removed from product: It might mean ‘set up your printer to suit some kind of “postscript” requirements’ postscript, I think, refers to a certain image file format or maybe it mean they bought a new printer.

Page 68 “listening” for fax tones. Indicates that the Wireless Radio is on. Permium 69 Press the down arrow button to highlight Tools, and then press OK.


Maintain the HP Photosmart Log in to Snapfish. Load 10 x 15 c309aa 4 x 6 inch paper a. If you do not remove all the pieces of paper from the HP Photosmart, more paper jams are likely to occur.