All-in-one Model that Combines Withstand Voltage (AC/DC hipot) and Insulation Resistance. Hioki HTI AC/DC Automatic Insulation Withstanding Meter – Voltage Testers – Order, Calibrate, or Rent the Hioki Automatic Insulation / Withstanding HiTester KVAC on sale at Transcat. Free shipping over $

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Finally, I also added a setup project for copying inpout Query error This bit is set to 1 when a query error is detected by the output queue control When the data overflows the output queue When data in the output queue has been lost. Avoid any hold time, let us call you! Indication of a fail condition will be shown by the LED as told in this article: Same as the power supply frequency Measurement range: The event registers are cleared in these situations: I used the Writeline method of the SerialPort class.

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Features programable testing and full remote control. Download source code – En azindan ben tikladigimda gelen birsey yok. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Output nAddress, onValue ; else PortAccess. I must also mention that Hioki may not have a customer support department. I hope you have found my project very useful and can implement other devices. The Main Code Here is the hioik for the serial port and the main window. Hioki Automatic Insulation Withstanding Tester is used to measure safety standards.


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Serhat2 Feb According to the user manual, after every command, a delimiter Carriage Return and Line Feed must be used. Please be aware of what you are ordering before placing an order huoki the item.

Hioki HTI AC/DC Automatic Insulation Withstanding Meter

If you are a new customer, please register first: Serial port RS is still used in industrial applications but has recently disappeared from most notebooks. Click here to hloki your password. Accepted payment methods vary by country. Size47 ; this. ReadLine ; if message. Submit Request Add More Items. Articles Quick Answers Messages. A majority of the necessary parts and accessories from the Hioki catalog are listed on our website. Besides that, the top cover must be closed for operator safety.

We accept these payment methods: Hours of operation Mon-Fri 9: Basic Specifications Withstanding test section: This product includes one lens. Power On flag When the power is turned on or off recovery from a power cut, this bit is set to 1. Request for Quote To request an official quote for the Hioki please include your quantities and contact details.

Ask our experts To ask our Hioki experts a question please include your contact details. Be the first to know when we have news, discounts, special offers and promotions. This website uses Javascript for some features, please enable it to use the full functionality of this website. When a command cannot be executed due to some reason other than a command error, a query error, or an execution error, this bit is set to 1.


But you can also set other pins to be lit. HipotParPort1 true ; statusBar1. Show ” Initialization Error. Programable testing, full remote control, Automatic Insulation Withstanding Tester This electrical safety test instrument series is designed for insulation resistance and voltage withstand testing of electrical devices and components according to various safety standards.

Virtualization for System Programmers.

Ask an Expert More Hioki Products. A multitude of automation and labor-saving Features are provided to ensure effective testing for a wide variety of requirements and test conditions.

Your Account 0 Your Shopping Cart is empty. If the result of the test is fail and to make the tester hear the beep sound, then stop command will not be sent to the Hipot tester.

None, 8StopBits. Show ” Cannot communicate with the device” ; ParallelPort.

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