When that Christian becomes spiritual, he will need no exhortation; but himself becomes an exhorter both by precept and example. Christians, as a whole, are. A Review of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s “He That Is Spiritual”. Benjamin B. Warfield ( ). The following review appeared in The Princeton Theological. He explores what the Bible says about the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Title: He That Is Spiritual; Author: Lewis Sperry Chafer; Publisher: Moody Press.

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Not all Christians experience them; but all Christians may experience them as certainly as the power has been provided through the indwelling Spirit.

He That Is Spiritual: A Classic Study of the Biblical Doctrine of Spirituality

He dissects spirritual three of these situations and discusses the two conversions: He was saved howbeit under the Old Testament relationships ; for he prayed, “Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation. The Chfaer, in his first letter to the Corinthians, has been used of the Spirit to convince them of sin, and in this fifth major passage we are given an account of their sorrow for sin and the effect of this sorrow in their lives.

A desire for the salvation of others is the first thought of many after they are born again. An unregenerate person and who is more assuredly unregenerate than the one who denies the foundation and reality of the new birth? This gift was considered by the early Christians to be the fundamental fact of the believer’s new estate. Self-judgment Saves from Chastisement I Corinthians Holly Lee rated it it was amazing Aug 16, In turning to an interpretation of the parable, some consideration must be given to the well-nigh universal impression that this parable is a picture of salvation.

We have just been told that revelation is by the Spirit. Prayer on behalf of others is doubtless the greatest ministry committed to soiritual child of God and a ministry for which he is, and always will be, least prepared within himself.

This is a sad disclosure of the state of some believers. It is a divine output of the life, rather than a mere cessation of things which are called “worldly. There the one referred to is “in the flesh,” and so is unsaved; while a “carnal” Christian is not “in the flesh,” but he has the flesh in him. This passage indicates a spkritual ministry.


These undertakings are distinctly assigned to the Spirit, and are His manifestations in and through the Christian. Their real difficulty is stated in the words: The one condition was believing on Christ for salvation and the Spirit was received as a vital part of that salvation. Tat that Christian becomes spiritual, he will need no exhortation; but himself becomes an exhorter both by precept and example.

Taken from I Cor.

This first condition of true spirituality is centered upon definite matters. It is impossible for one to enter into the plan and provision for a life of power and blessing and ignore the distinct revelation as to where the Lewie is now as related to the believer. If Satan is using the fact of these early manifestations of the Spirit as an occasion to confuse and divide Christians, all his supernatural power will be displayed and his most subtle deceptions will be imposed to produce what might seem to be the work of God.

This is a revelation, quite foreign indeed to man’s habits of thinking and acting, and it is to many a “hard saying.

He That Is Spiritual by Lewis Sperry Chafer

The law of the kingdom incorporates and anticipates the principles of government in the kingdom when it shall be set up in the earth. It is not difficult to dismiss the law as a rule of life when we discover that there has been provided another complete system which is in exact harmony with the positions in grace.

What has gone before has been written that the filling of the Spirit might not be confused with any other of His operations. It is reasonable to conclude that the Father deals individually with His children and that His ways are manifold. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit. Thus they began the age-long ministry of witnessing. So, also, we need not plead for forgiveness and restoration. This final condition for receiving the Spirit began with the preaching of the Gospel to the Gentiles in Cornelius’ house Acts The Ministry of the Spirit in Baptizing 6.

But if God finds anything like Himself in a human life, He must place it there; for He knows full well that such divine graces can never appear in a life apart from His own power.

The Ministry of the Spirit in Restraining 2. No one experience would ever be a true, or complete representation of the full purpose of God for every Christian; and if it were, nothing short of the infinite wisdom of God could formulate its exact statement.

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When Christ was born, a star was seen in the East, the voices of the angelic host were heard and most unusual conditions obtained.

Though three incidents are told, there is but one underlying purpose. For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: Such purified love will always be the experience of the one in whom the love of God is imparted.

The Apostle Paul writes of the fact that his conscience bore Him witness in the Holy Spirit, and it is quite probable that the Spirit uses the conscience as a human faculty; but He as certainly imparts to it the new standard of the infinite holiness of God. For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God. Lewis Sperry Chafer Publisher: The way of salvation has been revealed in the preceding chapters of this Gospel; but beginning with chapter thirteen, He is speaking to those who are saved, and speaking to them of the divine cleansing from their defilement.

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: While the law of Moses is a separate system from the law of the kingdom, they are alike in the one particular that they represent only pure law. Much light is here given on the transforming effect of repentance and confession in a Christian’s life.

Spirituality, which is the unhindered manifestations of the Spirit in life, is provided to the full for all believers who “confess” their sins, “yield” to God, and “walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Very clear and practical Quick enjoyable read that gives some real practical ways we can live a life of true spirituality, free from guilt, and rejoicing in truth.

By this particular manifestation of the Spirit, unseen things become blessedly real. Christians, as a whole, are satiated with ideals.

How often this is stated in the New Testament! Cherie Hughes rated it it was amazing Oct 14,