Swami Hariharananda Aranya is little known outside the close circle of his disciples. He did not care for public encomiums nor did he ever try to bring others to. Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali with Bhasvati by Hariharananda Aranya, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Results 1 – 9 of 9 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Hariharananda-Aranya books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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These hindrances or obstacles are said to arise along-with the transformations of consciousness in the sense that in the absence of these antarayas, the transformations of consciousness do not arise or take place. Thus the contents of experience pratyayas such as vidya knowledgeEgo-lessness, dispassion opposite of raga and dvesa and fearlessness of death are various forms of discrimination and hence help the sadhaka in transcending the klesas “mukhyatahvivekapratyayarupah klesanivrttikarinyah” harihaarananda commentary on present Karika.

One thought was upper-most in his mind — How to attain salvation? Thus though such sadhakas attain to Kaivalya like state but it is a Temporary state. Hariharananda Aranya explicitly makes it clear that it is through the mastery over the thirst-lessness as the intellect gets purified there in the intellect sets in the discriminate – discernment in and gradually stage by stage becomes firm and it is this discernment is the remedy for completely over coming the pain See Y. Enjoyment is explained as – tatra drsyasya svarupopalabdhirbhogah Enjoyment is the attainment or realization of one’s own nature on the part of the “seen” whereas libration is explained as – drastusca svarupopalabdhir moksah – liberation is the attainment or realization of one’s own nature on the part of the “seer”.


Thereafter one should inhale the air in norma! It comprehends these realities with respect and devotion.

This work is called Yoga Karika which had a name similarity with that of Samkhya Karika. Results of the recitation of haruharananda which is said to be “signifier” whereas the “Isvara” pure and free is the signified.

He was accepting the food brought by his devotee only once a day which was received through a small opening. The lower apara grade of dispassion when successfully practiced, flowers into and prepares the ground for para highest intensity of dispassion.

This also includes the fallacy of treating something which is a pan as a whole i.

Swami Hariharananda Aranya – Kapil Math

Thus the “knower” can never be conceived as “known” and vice-versa. Because of the transformation on the part of citta and its objects there is pain and anguish when there is attachment and hatred. Thus the mastery over consciousness is deemed to be necessary pre-requisite for the samapatti.

The subliminal-impressions of the consciousness devoid of discriminate discernment is of the form of action deposits due to which the bodiless, as well as, endowed with body arc inclined towards birth. When these aranay and observances are inhibited by perverse thoughts, the opposites should be thought of. But then what is “samapatti”?

Samkhyiya pranatattva Bengali book By practising Samyama on Karma or on portents, fore-knowledge of death can be acquired. Thus the faith is said to be the source of energy and it is the clarity of the consciousness.


It is because the “existence” is experienciability the real is experienced through the action and the potency ‘though ungraspable is considered to be real because it is ascertained through the action’ marks therefore, the pradhana primordial one the cause of everything considered to be undifferentiated potency devoid of reality and unreality, existence and non-existence that which is real as the potency but unreal as devoid of purusa teleological action By the phrase “devoid of reality and unreality” is meant: Among these four grades of dispassion there is particular sort of relation.


Thus there is the antynomy between viparyaya and viveka khyati. Sankara Darsana and Samkhya tattva in Bengali The import of these samapattis is that our ordinary modes of acquiring knowledge, our language, our hariharsnanda etc. On the Self-in-Itself or Liberation. We study the mind. Continuity hariharnaanda the tranquil mind in an arrested state is ensured by its latent impressions. He then spent some years at Tribeniin Bengal, at a small hermitage on the bank of the Ganges and several years at HaridwarRishikeshand Kurseong.

The entire import of the technique is to infuse the several characteristics of the object dhyeya in such a way that the object gets presented before the consciousness in the form of one homogeneous content.

Seven kinds of ultimate insight come to hariharanandda the Yogin who has acquired discriminative enlightenment.

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Yoga Karika with Sarala Tika Sanskrit 3. It is at the root of such erroneous apprehensions on the part of the seer principle towards the sense-organs-as “I am listener” and so on. The correct order of understanding the P.