Now I am going to tell you how to copy from secured PDF with four efficient solutions. The most recommendable tool is PDFelement, which is. In other PDF viewer programs like Foxit, you have to click on Tools and Now on to the tougher issue of copying text from images or secured. If your PDF file is user password protected, change step 4 to qpdf –decrypt You now have a perfect copy of the original file, minus any.

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The problem was I could not copy the text!

Contrary to the other solutions, you do not need additional software. The official home page is http: This works for me, too.

Can’t copy text from a pdf file – Super User

What I understand is secures these pdfs are signed – in acrobat all you need to do is remove the signature and then they will be editable as it would be invalid after editing. Suppose foxit will have a similar feature. I’m aware that this doesn’t really help you much since you’re running Windows, but it is a possibility if you have a Linux machine handy or are willing to install it. The best option I have found is this online tool: Now I am going to tell you how to copy from secured PDF escured four efficient solutions.

You now have a perfect copy of the original file, minus any signatures, restrictions on editing, etc. Works fantastic on government-issued W-9 form.


I wish PDF locking functionality never existed. This should not happen unless there was security created by the author of the PDF. Why is this downvoted? For the whole table, see my other answer. D I can also copy the plain text without fgom, but by selecting one column at a time it is pretty easy to export.

For detailed information on the use of cookies on this website, please see our Privacy Policy. So it was not actual text in the first place. If the permission password of your PDF document has restricted to copy, however not prevent from editing.

How to remove security from a PDF file? – Super User

I would like to copy the text from the pdf file into a word document but it won’t let me. Sounds like too much work, but it really is not. Thank you for your interest in this question. In fact a lot of KDE software can run on windows. I have tried 6 others before this: When creating a file using PDF softwareyou have the ability to password protect the document.

How can I get information from a secured file? He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications.


August 14, by Aseem Kishore. Choose the “Save” option to save the image on your local drive.

Unfortunately it was plain text with no formatting, but it looks like it shouldn’t be too hard to recreate the table. Start your free trial! The pdf file has probably been locked against copying text. So I have printed the one page containing table 6. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


Thanks for choosing a trial of PDFelement. If you’re just looking for short snippets, you can often type a few words into google inside quote marks and find the exact quote already scanned in some other format or typed by someone else. This solves my problem. Grateful to the guys who made that tool too: If your goal is to allow the general public to view your document but you want to prevent them from performing certain actions, most PDF software applications will allow you to create this type of security as well.

With PDFelement, you can not only take a snapshot of the secured PDF content, but also use the embedded OCR feature to turn the snapshot to editable text content directly.

If you want to do in your browser without installing a toolthen use PDFUnlock. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers foxti had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. When it comes to security, securedd might seem like the password is at the foundation, however, what really protects a document, like a PDF, is encryption.

Neither of those methods worked for me in Chrome It stuggled with tables though. After protection is applied, will my customers be able to download their product and open it as normal?