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Flyke controls all oscilloscope functions and receives input signals from the following sources: ATCAL can supply several accurate voltages that are used for vertical calibrations.

Fluke PM3082 Oscilloscope 4 Channels 100mhz No Cable

This delay is verified in the following test. This takes approximately one minute. Verify that the deviation from the ideal straight line does not exceed 0. The digital multimeter and oscilloscope pm3802 not required for this test. Page DC coupled mode. Some of these voltages remain some time after disconnecting the instrument from the mains.

Every attenuator basically consists of four sections. Location of options Y-out and external trigger For this reason the illumination voltage can be varied between about 2 and 28 V. In the signal name list you find the itemnumber of the component that is source or p3082. Some of these voltages remain some time after disconnecting the unit from the mains. This slowing down of the collector voltage will reduce the switching losses during switching off.



Fuke the above settings and procedure for CH3 and CH4. The output circuits are protected against overload by the under voltage protection. The horizontal MTB deflection coefficients can be varied in steps such as done in 6. The input signal is a current and is applied to V and V On the power supply there are many parts that carry dangerous high voltages. CHIP The following voltages are allowed: Enter text from picture: The trigger sensitivity depends on the amplitude and frequency of the trigger signal.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only fpuke page. Turn on the oscilloscope under test. Apply a 50 Hz sine wave signal of 8 V pp to input CH1; Page Set CH1 to 0. Page bcc U p BCC: Carefully unsolder the soldering tags of a semi-conductor one after the other. Watch the Pm30082 and check that no errors are reported.

Fluke PM Oscilloscope 4 Channels mhz No Cable | eBay

Page 34 – Description The input circuit is formed by IC D Use desolder braided wire; ordering code: Before soldering, bend the wires through the holes of the solder leads, or wrap the wires around the leads in the form of an open U, or, maintain wiring ridigity by cable clamps or cable lacing. This susceptibility is verified in this test.


This diagram shows the final intensity Z and focusing amplifiers. The last possibility is that the rotor makes contact with both stator contacts. Rough handling or scratching can cause the CRT to implode.

Impaired Safety-protection Components which are important for the safety of the instrument may only be replaced by components obtained through your local FLUKE organisation. Don’t show flue this message again.

Remove the rotary knobs. The external trigger requires a small printed circuit board, a rear panel BNC socket and a coaxial interconnection cable. Put CH1 in 0. In a sequence. The oscillation principle is now explained with the simplified diagram in the figure.

Test equipment Fluke A mode: Page 42 – Introduction All instruments have four vertical channels. On this unit there are parts that carry dangerous high voltages