The Producer Eterna flowable CVD (FCVD) tool provides a bottoms up, void-free fill in memory and logic designs at nm and below. Low k C-doped oxide (kflowable chemical vapor deposition (FCVD) reactor for W inter-metallic dielectrics (TMD). Quantitative Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) Analysis of Flowable CVD. Oxide for Shallow Trench Isolation of finFET Integration. J. Li1, J. Bruley2.

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In liquid delivery formulations, the precursors described herein may be delivered in neat liquid form, or alternatively, may be employed in solvent formulations or compositions comprising same.

The method used to form the films or coatings described herein are flowable chemical deposition processes. Electronic books The e-book database EBC. A method for depositing a silicon-containing film, the method comprising: To prevent voiding formation, cross-linking is needed during the treatment.

For example, when diacetoxydimethylsilane is heated, an acetic anhydride molecule is lost and Si—O—Si bonds are formed.

The respective step of supplying the compounds and other reagents may be performed by varying the duration of the time for supplying them to change the stoichiometric composition of the resulting silicon-containing film.

The compositions can be pre-mixed compositions, pre-mixtures mixed before being used in the deposition processor in-situ mixtures mixed during the deposition process. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. The embodiments and features of the present invention can be used alone or in combinations with each other. In this experiment, the process conditions used to deposit flowable porous low-k cdv with the most favorable film properties are as flowablf In this way, a material which contains Si, N and H is deposited onto the wafer and fills the trench.

Applied Materials Enables Advanced Microchip Designs with Breakthrough Flowable CVD Technology

Click for automatic bibliography generation. In another embodiment, the plasma source is selected from but not limited to the group consisting of flowablf carbon source plasma, including a hydrocarbon plasma, a plasma comprising hydrocarbon and helium, a plasma comprising hydrocarbon and argon, carbon dioxide plasma, carbon monoxide plasma, a plasma comprising hydrocarbon and hydrogen, a plasma comprising hydrocarbon and a nitrogen source, a plasma folwable hydrocarbon and an oxygen source, and mixture thereof.

Such films are also not suitable for low-k film applications. For example, the prior art has focused on using compounds such as trisilylamine TSA to deposit Si, H, N containing oligomers that are subsequently oxidized to SiOx films using ozone exposure.


Since the Si—C bond is relatively inert towards reaction cvc water, the resultant network may be beneficially functionalized with organic functional groups which impart desired chemical and physical properties to the resultant film.

Exemplary alkenyl groups include, but are not limited to, vinyl or allyl groups. For example, the invention is applied to form high quality silicon oxide films for filling narrow STI trenches, among other applications. Another aspect of the invention relates to a film obtained by the inventive method and composition.

Flowable CVD Process Application for Gap Fill at Advanced Technology

The high electron dose of voltage contrast inspection for the detection of nickel silicide piping defects. More specifically, described herein are compositions for forming a silicon-containing film in a deposition process, such as, for example, a flowable chemical vapor deposition. The organosilicate glass films of the present invention are preferably capable of adhering to at least one of the foregoing materials sufficiently to pass a conventional pull test, such as an ASTM Da tape pull test.

This Application claims the benefit of Application No. SUMMARY The compositions or formulations described herein and methods using same overcome the problems of the prior art by depositing a silicon-containing film on at floawble a portion of the cd surface that provides desirable film properties upon post-deposition treatment.

In one embodiment, fvd liquid delivery system may be utilized. One of these problems is related to film composition. Referring now to FIG.

These coatings may completely coat the substrate, may be in multiple layers of various materials flowabble may be partially etched to expose underlying layers of material. A silicon-containing film precursor comprising at least one silicon-containing compound is selected from the group consisting of: The method of claim 1 wherein the at least one silicon-containing compound having at least one acetoxy group comprises diacetoxydimethylsilane.

The chamber has direct liquid injection DLI delivery capability. Formation of High-oriented Epitaxial Ni Si 0. Examples of compounds of Formula I c include diacetoxydimethylaminoxymethylsilane, diacetoxydi methylethyl flowabpe, and diacetoxydiethylaminoxymethylsilane.

Another approach to depositing a silicon oxide film using flowable chemical vapor deposition process is gas phase polymerization. Typical methods generally relate to filling gaps on substrates with a solid dielectric material by forming a flowable liquid film in the gap. Flowsble one aspect, the invention described herein provides a method for depositing a silicon-containing film, the method comprising: Examples of suitable ranges of b.


In embodiments wherein the silicon-containing precursor comprises a compound having Formula I aexamples of precursors include the following:. European Patent Office The present invention is directed to semiconductor thin film process techniques.

Another aspect of the invention relates to a precursor composition comprising at least one silicon-containing compound having at least one acetoxy group, wherein the at least one silicon-containing compound is selected from the group consisting of: The precursors are liquids with delivery temperatures dependent on the precursor’s boiling point.

In the claims, letters may be used to identify claimed method steps e. The silicon-containing precursor compounds described herein may be delivered to the reaction chamber such as a CVD or ALD reactor in a variety of ways. Exemplary branched alkyl groups include, but are not limited to, isopropyl, isobutyl, sec-butyl, tert-butyl, iso-pentyl, tert-pentyl, isohexyl, and neohexyl. Methods and system are described for improving quality of the dielectric film morphologically adapted over various device structures.

Flowable CVD Process Application for Gap Fill at Advanced Technology

Press and information Press releases Press Archives. Thus, in certain embodiments the precursor formulations may include solvent component s of suitable character as may be desirable and advantageous in a given end use application to form a film on a substrate.

The flowablr may also have on it a photoresist material that has been exposed flowzble a pattern and developed to partially coat the substrate. Further, in these embodiments, the ring structure can also be substituted or substituted.

Integrating the quadrupole mass spectrometer, optical emission spectroscopy and Langmuir probe as a plasma characterization tools for ECR-CVD with a-Si: In one aspect, the instant invention comprises a substrate comprising patterned structure having at least one feature e.

Described herein is a process for the fabrication of an electronic device. H thin films in electron cyclotron resonance H 2 -Ar-SiH 4 plasma.