By now most people have heard about the EF Strategy Guide, but that this work goes beyond the manual included with the game itself. Instructions on installing EF V2 on 64 bit Windows are available. .. If you have a specific EF TrackIR profile, assign it to the game. Super EF – Manual. Game Title, Super EF Document Type, Manual. Platform, PC (DOS/Windows). Author, paulo_becas (stats). Author website.

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I get best results dropping the bomb a split second before the CCIP crosses the target.

This entire chapter is required reading for all pilots, new and old. What do you need help on? Starting a fight is the next section. Why, because the section is FULL of mahual.

Because I find it gqme that you can only bomb the selected target. Also is there a way to tell when the external fuel tanks are empty?

However, I have found the following Of all the guides I have seen, this guide has got to be the most comprehensive ever.

+READ+ Ef game manual for madden == – UM6SS DIGITAL

Suddenly the tower says “Negative. Alex Porreca When a missile comes at you regardless if it is Infra red or radar, lower your thrust: Ff2000 these two sections and you will be a force the bad guys will fear. On page of the manual, a reference is made to “autofiring” in regards to using the cannon.


I can’t seem to get the hang of bombing with them.

Download EF 2000

Includes scores for each target, new tactics, and a mission run through. I can find no other reference anywhere in the manual to explain what this is, or how e2f000 initiate it, or even to verify that “autofiring” is engaged There is also a great deal of space dedicated to special maneuvers that can be executed with a coordinated effort.

For anyone that has looked at a WARGEN flight route, this lets you know you were right all along – change the flight paths! Every veteran pilot I know that has read this section has stopped and thought for a few minutes and then spent literally hours testing this info…. IR and heat-seeking missiles are the same! Incidently after [shft] F7, [shft]c scrolls through the available ground targets. EF has an addon available: So far, everyone that has read this section has learned a new “trick”.

However, it didn’t make it to the first release. And though the Ground Threat section is short, it is nice to see up close what keeps ripping you out of the sky.

Try to pick a geographical marker if possible a different colour building or one that’s taller ,this will also help. Wingmen are quite good at attacking enemy aircraft if you can keep fighters of his tail I usually do a very steep dive and release the bombs on my best guesstimate. Autopilot, setting and use. The last free download version I tried which was not this one hosted here btw ran too fast to be playable though.


A very comprehensive section on the Bad Guys. Don’t have an account? Sim Cluster Bombs Question: None of this applies to Wingmen three and four as they will operate on there own in combat.

Jeffrey Bush ft is a good altitude to start a bombing run.

EF2000 (Special Edition) download

One tip from me, and the section is not as adamant about this, but they do make it clear. Fully supported on 0.

How mission selection affects the out come of the campaign. The section explaining the AI Artificial Intelligence tactics, from one on one to Multi Plane assaults is enlightening for most. All of this information would be available from intelligence sources, so don’t feel like you are getting information that you would not know realistically.

So you learned what the weapons do and when to use them last chapter, now just how do you get in the proper position for delivery? One view is your wingman’s cockpit view. Approach the tanker, remembering to request permission to join.