How To Use Cocky Comedy To Make Women Feel Instant Attraction And and created the technique I call “Cocky & Funny” (and later “Cocky Comedy”) that. David DeAngelo came out with Double Your Dating in and introduced the world to using cocky and funny lines. Since then he’s made mega-bucks on it. How To Use The Powerful Combination I Call “Cocky Comedy” To Not Only Make How to perfectly blend “cocky” with “funny” so your humor is always creating.

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She doesn’t find a guy with a sense of humor attractive… It’s the other way around – she’s attracted to him FIRST, then she laughs and thinks the guy has a good sense of humor.

Me- “Oh, so, I am the right person, you like this situation, and overall, you feel comfortable. They are not average Needless to say, I swear David, we had sex. Hummm, so you like guys in the evolutive process of not being shy, eh? You see, younger women aren’t as intuitive as older women. I feel nervous, hell yeah, but they can’t tell. You started out going down the road of “What? Is there a way to make fun of their beauty?

Cocky and funny approach – David DeAngelo, PUA, Seduction Tips, Pickup Routines

It is for this reason cocmy I generally recommend against using this unless a guy is already a student of human behavior. How can you make fun of that type of sexy girl, when you notice that her body has a harmonious symmetry, that does nothing but inspiring davic you pleasure and admiration?


Enter your search terms Submit search form. I meet a lot of hot girls, anc seem to be perfect. Online Dating Advice for Men. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t generally recommend the ” cocky and funny ” approach as most guys really aren’t funny.

If you let your guard down, or she “slips by” you’re going to have a hell of a time regaining control. Further, once you start this, you have to keep it up.

ø Examples of Cocky Funny Humor ø PUA David DeAngelo Pick Up Artist Double Your Dating

But believe me, humor isn’t an absolute necessity. And what do you want to do when you grow up? I always thought that being nice, sweet, and courteous was an ultimate-irrefutable way to get the girls we long to have, but the irony is that we never make deangleo dream come true.

The shift in direction is funny and confusing. She laughed, and said, “No, silly She did not want me to, but I did leave. Click here for what I think are some great principles for meeting women and being an attractive man.

I won’t miss your next seminar! Learning to be cocky or challenging is another specialized skill znd involves innuendo, double entendre, and especially subtlety. Again, it’s off the wall, but it’s funny and it works. We met again, at her house, and half an hour of me being there, davis talking, I said, “Look, I have to go. It is all the opposite when you do feel attracted to someone.


Examples of Cocky Funny Humor

If you’re not cocky enough, you look insecure. Cocky and funny approach. Online dating profiles — These 4 tips give you an advantage over other men Previous post: I said, “Maybe you want to take a rest, or lay on your bed, deangeoo you don’t do it because I am here, unless you promise me that if you lay in bed you will take me with you.

Cocky and funny approach For those who don’t know, the ” cocky and funny ” approach deals with being humorous and challenging at the verbal level. I have friends who are funny… hilarious actually… and girls say how much fun they are to be around. So, here’s how this works: I owe you my present success with them, and I thank you in advance for the foregoing prosperity that the future holds for deangslo with them.

I t even worked for a few guys with really specific personalities. I slightly smiled at her, and said, “What? You don’t seem shy to me. She- “What book is that,” she asked me, as she gave me that wondrous look.