The COSMAC “ELF” was a microcomputer design by Joseph Weisbecker that was announced in the pages of the August edition of Popular Electronics . This is an implementation of the COSMAC Elf, constructed in going by the issues of Popular Electronics, with additional articles in March and July Popular Electronics was famous for the article introducing the Altair ran on building a very simple computer called the COSMAC ELF.

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And that was cash.

Vintage COSMAC Elf is Pretty Close to Original

Spare Time Gizmos has a variety of accessories and expansion options for your Elfincluding. SuperELF users could add 2 or 4 additional 7-segment LEDs to display the state of the address electromics, which was very handy when keying in long programs.

Now, forty-something years later, he finally got around to it. Fully static operation you can single-step the clock, or freeze it. With only bytes of memory to start with, things were becoming a little tight, so Weisbecker went on to describe the construction of a 1, byte memory expansion.

A monitor written by Spare Time Gizmos which provides hardware diagnostics, program debugging and electroncis features. Views Read Edit View history. Any programs you toggle in or download today will still popularr there tomorrow!

Cheers, Josh Bensadon Toronto. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Worked fine, back in the day when digital timers cost hundreds of bucks. A simple text editor and a load-and-go assembler, written by Mike Rileywhich allows you to type in, edit, assemble and then run assembly language programs.


This is true for just about all microcomputers, new and old. It is cosma excellent hardware and software trainer that uses machine language and can be easily expanded to do just about anything a full-blown microcomputer can.

Please don’t email me and ask me when more PCBs will be available, or to make a special run just for you, or to check and be sure that I don’t “have just one PCB left over”, or to send you the Gerber files, or anything else along those lines.

Terry began to go blind during VIPER’s second year of publication, and the newsletter ceased after completion of the cosmacc volume.

As in film photography? The Altair was an expensive machine.

Vintage COSMAC Elf is Pretty Close to Original | Hackaday

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After turning off memory protect, the correct value could be entered. A series of newsletters and small booklets offered by Netronics and Quest contained machine language and CHIP-8 programs, along rlf schematics for expanding the Elf and adding peripherals, including a light pen.

You can do all these things while learning how to program in order to produce a “real” output to determine whether or not the program you designed works. And The Embedded Elf is an Elf for embedded systems!

CHIP-8 was popular on thebut was not exclusive to it. It is compleletly static, meaning that its clock can be stopped without loosing the internal states reducing power consumption. New technology lured members away, and ads for based microcomputers disappeared from the back pages of electronics magazines. The was also used as a telemetry processor on the Hughes designed Galileo Probe.


Inside the Galileo space probe and other satellites, pulse tiny wafers, forever securing this microprocessor electronocs place in history. Unfortunately, by the was hardly cutting-edge technology, and the slow speed of the machine quickly sealed its fate. The other registers are commonly used for loop counters, flags, a temp location for your accumulator.

The instructions are very simple, and in fact, this processor is considered a RISC. It lends itself to simple, low power, controller applications with no, or limited RAM. The result looks awfully close to the original. Switches mounted on a separate piece of plastic or aluminum, like the original ELF, that connect to a header on the Elf PC board.

You have all the information you need to build your own Elf from scratch, but Spare Time Gizmos can make your life easier by selling you a beautiful PC board that will make wiring a snap. The is very simple to interface from a hardware point of view and has a very easy to learn machine language — a very small, very regular instruction set.

Hmm… how do I get a link to work here? Six TIL displays for a full address and data display. Also, prices have dropped enough that you can try two or three if you choose. I have the Membership Card. If you can’t wait, then the schematics for everything are in the back of the Elf User’s Manual and the Firmware is here.