The Chroma Guardian series of Hipot Testers is comprised of three models. The Guardian is capable of AC/DC/IR Hipot testing and insulation . On Sale Chroma ✅ Engineers on staff. ✅ FAST quotes ✅ We accept POs. Rent or buy the by Chroma in the test equipment industry at .

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Transformer When a power transformer is used under normal voltage, Corona discharge from the primary side could cause damage to nearby components. Key Features 3 in 1 Tester: LCR Meters Meters are used for impedance measurements inductance, capacitance, and resistance to characterize the performance of a variety of electrical components and materials. Corona Discharge Detection CDD can also be used for coil-to-coil or coil-to ground tests to eliminate winding vhroma failure due to Corona discharge.

Dedicated customer service team. In addition to the patented OSC Open Short CheckHigh Voltage Contact Check is added to test the components with high insulation capability when high voltage outputs to improve the testing reliability and efficiency. Features Specifications Options Brochures Comparisons.

Megohmmeters measure high resistance or insulation properties. Therefore, we check the open and short circuit to ensure the test effectively and protect the instruments.

Hipot Tester AC and DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance – Liberty Test Equipment

The Hipot Analyzers have fast charge function that can increase the production test efficiency. The issue frequently encountered when testing multiple DUTs for Hipot is unable to synchronize the voltage output.


Therefore, we can measure the value of the capacitive load to check whether the contact is good or not. Its super mini size is easy to carry and the large LCD display is suitable chrma viewing measurement results.

With more than 20 years experience in developing the instruments for test and measurement, Chroma creates the multi-channel hipot tester with a brand new architecture.

Chroma Guardian 19052 Hipot Test (AC/DC/IR)

Charge and discharge are required chromq capacitive components when doing DC withstand voltage test. Chroma synchronizes the output signal so there is no high voltage difference on the adjacent two ends that not only can extend the life of production equipment but also reduce the occurrence of misjudgment.

Under test, Pass, Fail. It improves the productivity and reduces the risk of test for the products that require hipot test only. Megohmmeters and Milliohmmeters Megohmmeters measure high resistance or insulation properties.

Barletta – Multi-Hipot Tester series

In addition, a GFI human protection circuit and Floating output design prevents exposing users to electrical hazards.

No hassle return policy.

C function is used to check whether the connection is open or is a curoma circuit between the instrument and the DUT equipment under test before the Electrical Safety Test begins. Chroma Technical Specifications. If the connection is open, a capacitance will appear and total capacitive load will be lower than that of normal conditions.


Flashover Detection The O. Use Guardian Plus with A and G When the circuit connection is 1905, a small capacitance Cc in Figure 6 will be formed on the broken interface that is usually lower than 10pF. The Chroma series chromx equipped with a large LCD screen which is convenient for the user to operate and judge. Chroma Technical Specifications: This model provides 0. To communicate with other compatible devices and for remote controlling, the comes equipped with an RS interface.

There is no need to purchase various Hipot testers to save the production line space if Chroma is in use.

A QuadTech System provides automated electrical safety testing and may include a combination of an electrical safety analyzer, software, ac source, scanner, custom test leads, PC or more.

When a power transformer is used under normal voltage, Corona discharge from the primary side could cause damage to nearby components.

Chroma 19052

This model consumes W of power and weighs around 15 kg. If any gap, void or impurity is produced during molding of parts in the manufacturing process, the insulation capability of the product can be affected. Rate the Chroma 1 2 3 4 5 Rated 4. QuadTech to Chroma part number cross-reference.