The Evolution of Civilizations has ratings and 22 reviews. Carroll Quigley was a legendary teacher at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service. The Evolution of Civilizations, Historical Analysis Preface to the First Edition his book is not a history. Rather it is an attempt to es- tablish. The Evolution of Civilizations – An Introduction to Historical Analysis (). by Carroll Identifier CarrollQuigley-TheEvolutionOfCivilizations-.

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En toch is het theoretische deel het beste van het boek. Although, I would urge that if you are not good at analysis, you might want to get some extra understand about Quigley This was an incredible book.

cviilizations This was an incredible book. Carroll Quigley was undoubtedly a brilliant historian. Dec 31, Sam Motes rated it it was amazing. Dec 17, Yogy TheBear rated it it was amazing.

I’m more familiar with philosophy of history texts than actual works of history, but in my own untrained opinion, this work was incredibly This is what I wrote to my former history professor: In this book, the focal point is civilizations – The copy I own of this is a reprint, but I read most of the materials from earlier editions while I was taking a class with Quigley in – not his legendary could on Evolution of Civilizations but a related course on “Science, Christianity, and the Western Intellectual Tradition”.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. At times I was loving his process, especially with specific example subjects like the sport of football and the military structure of a calvary.

Uploaded by kaprikious on December 2, Mesopotamian, Canaanite, Minoan, Classical, and Western which is still in progress, currently in an Age of Crisis. I’m buying what he’s quigkey in terms of his method of historical analysis and am intrigued enough to want to go on to “Tragedy and Hope” – looking for more specific examples to better understand the 20th century.


At that point the civilization begins to decay before it eventually falls to invasion. Not an easy read in that he makes you stop and think, so you will be a better informed person as a result.

The Evolution of Civilizations: An Introduction to Historical Analysis by Carroll Quigley

Foreword, selective bibliography, preface to the first edition, diagrams, tables and maps, index. This site uses local and third-party cookies to maintain your shopping cart and to analyze traffic. These groups we know have little to do with the big innovations of our times but do have great influence over the control of those innovations.

If you want to know more, click here.

Carroll Quigley

This work by Quigley may be over 34 years old but his insights are very eye opening to the global trends ecolution world economies and people are ghe through today. No trivia or quizzes yet. Mar 07, Asails F rated it it was ok. For the time it was written I should of been more generous but not to be boring: This book, by those who arrived here from Tragedy and Hope, and who know who Quigley is and his civilizaations, should regard this book as his methodology of studying and presenting history, and I am not saying that this is not a history bookmany parts from Tragedy and Hope become much more clear and are treated in detail here as well.

There are no reviews yet. He uses the core concept of how societies are formed on the wave of an “instrument of ex Upon researching the Cold War I came across a recommendation to study Quigley’s “Tragedy and Hope” as a means evooution understanding the mechanism that drove the Cold War. Some of his generalizations are questionable to me and I have spent a good part of my subsequent education figuring out what was reasonable and what was unreaasonable in what he taught us.


The Evolution of Civilizations – An Introduction to Historical Analysis (1979)

Books by Carroll Quigley. However, this book is a great example of an idea that Quigley reinforces in his conclusion: After all, any past event, even the writing of this book, is a fact of history, but most such facts, including this book, do not deserve to be mentioned in the narration of history. The book applies these stages to analyze Mesopotamian, Caananite, Classical, and Western Civilization. However, Quigley also got picked up by some conservative advocacy groups, which I think hurt his reputation among mainstream historians.

To ask other readers questions about The Evolution of Civilizationsplease sign up. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jul 04, Bill Desjardins rated it it was amazing. Het gaat feitelijk verder dan de slager die zijn eigen vlees keurt. Be the first one to write a review.

Cleon Ro rated it it was amazing Sep 09, Dit is zo belangrijk voor de westerse grondhouding dat het katholieke geloof eigenlijk de vaandeldrager en hoeder van de Westerse Cultuur is. Any sophisticated historian should be aware of the principles he carrool and should be explicit to his readers about these. By closing this banner or clicking any link in this page, you agree with this practice.