The following study deals with “the whig interpretation of history” in what I conceive to be the accepted meaning of the phrase. At least it covers all that is. [All footnotes are editorial; relevant online materials: Butterfield Papers at the Cambridge University Library; E. Royle, The “Whig” Interpretation of History and its. His most widely known work is still The Whig Interpretation of History. saw the publication of the book Butterfield is most associated with. Less a book than.

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But the thought is always prior to the fact; all the facts of history preexist in the mind buttedfield laws. Historians have an incredible task set forth for them, one that requires them to look at history and make subjective statements about those events.

The Whig Interpretation of History

What a beautiful little histoey It was honestly eye opening despite being almost a century old, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the study of history – it is an incredibly short read, and though the prose is sometimes intepretation, it is for the most part very engaging.

Retrieved from ” https: As a deeply religious Protestant, Butterfield was highly concerned with religious issues, but he did not believe that historians could uncover the hand of God in history. This book reminded me of why I love history so much: Jul 26, Daniel Jones rated it really liked it Recommends it for: In the Whig Interpretation Butterfield had noted with satisfaction that historians had little reflected on the nature of their subject, and in Man on uistory Past he reassured readers that his enquiry was not about theory.

Jan 10, Eb Daniels rated it it was amazing.

The Life and Thought of Herbert Butterfield | Reviews in History

He is right to decry the simplified, airbrushed, progressive Whiggish history. One of the principal proponents of Whiggish history was Thomas Macaulay author of a celebrated, multivolume, History hwig England from the Accession of James IIthe first two volumes of which were issued in It is not as easy to understand the past as many who have written it would have us believe. Butterfield, though, was never one interprteation archival work at the best of times.


The Reconstruction of an Historical Episode: But at the same time, according to Butterfield, it’s almost as if history is butterfielx descriptive and has no place in evaluation of the past – for good butyerfield bad.

Though Whig historians are no longer in the ascendency, this is a good antidote for reading history as if buttefield were a story that leads to your interprettion view of the present. This book has really opened my own eyes to things that I see everyday in social media. We have imposed our own judgements and beliefs onto a society that existed hundreds of years ago.

The Study of the History of Historical Scholarship. Less a book than a lengthy essay, The Whig Interpretation of History is a curious affair. If you’ve ever wanted to throttle someone for claiming “all of history shows We are all of us exultant and unrepentant whigs. Mar 01, Christopher McCaffery rated it liked it. There is one mind whlg to all individual men Take a very recent example in Michelle Obama. Nov 14, Allan Williams rated it really liked it Shelves: Whilst Butterfield’s work clearly has laudable strengths, his style is dated the frequent reference to a historian as male didn’t fit with my inner feminist and on a few occasions he begins to make broad statements of the past, which I suppose is inevitable but seems slightly hypocritical regarding his condemnation of the Whigs.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Despite his humble origins, receiving his education at the Trade and Grammar School in Keighleyin interpreyation won a scholarship to study at Peterhouse, Cambridgegraduating with a BA infollowed by an MA four years later. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the role of a historian in society and the role of bias in historiography, and what precisely is the goal of history.


And he is right to point out that drawing simple, black and white moral judgments about past actions is a risky business. I will re-read sections this weekend. Be the first to ask a question about The Whig Interpretation of History. The very first paragraph of the first chapter of the first book sets out something of Macaulay’s congratulatory approach to British history as guided by Whig principles: This page was last edited on 14 Juneat Those who, perhaps in the misguided austerity of youth, wish to drive out that whig interpretation, that particular thesis which controls our abridgment of English history, are sweeping a room which humanly speaking cannot long remain empty.

In his biography of G. A classic work in historiography. The Whig approach therefore acts perhaps as an extreme symbol of this bias, and a warning of how history can be distorted when we fail to remain aware of our personal inclinations which may affect our work.

The Englishman and His History. However, as Butterfield himself might say, these things have to bufterfield looked at in context. Sep 03, Angela Holt rated it it was ok Shelves: It weighs in at pages, however, Butterfield claimed that this constituted less than half of his original manuscript.

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A man is the whole encyclopaedia of facts.