PREFACE The present volume contains the Brahmanda Purana, Part I (Chapters ) completing the first-two sections (Prakriyd and Anusaiiga) of the text in. INR / $ , Title: Sri Brahmanda Puranam, Author: hi Chakravarthi Ph.D., Genre: Spiritual. The Brahmanda Purana (The History Of The Universe)Is One Of The Eighteen Mahapuranas, A Genre Of Eighteen Hindu Religious Texts And Has Been.

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There is some contradiction in the tests ofthe Brahmana invited for Sraddha ch. The next section on the rsis offour Vedas, the mantras, their use differs considerably in details from SK.

And the third point is about the main object of the Purana viz. As in other Puranas, in the Bhuvana-Kosa portion — in Bd. In concluding the Purana III. Hence you explain the origin ofthe world completely. Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Ixii Brahmanda Parana MSrchand was the gradual ascent and descent of the seven notes of the basic scale. He remained meditating for a thousand Yugas. The whole chapter ibid 33 is Tantric.

He is Adya First purzna, Aja unbornNdrdyana causing sleep i. Thus was the excellent and noble-souled Romaharsana requested after offering him due hospitable reception.

The story of Rclka’s wife Jamadagni’s Ksattriya mother eating up a portion of Caru charged with a specific mantra 1. As noted above, the Pralaya after the completion of a day of Brahma is called Naimittika while that at the end of life of Brahm” is called Prdkrlika Pralaya. They are the three states ofthe Brahman ibidW. This Suta is not a Brahmin. Mahendra and other splendid and sacred mountains on the summit north of the Manasa lake are described along with the present beings that are in possession of them and that identify themselves with them.


With a desire to create, he meditated and as he was meditating Avidyd with its five ‘knots’ parvans viz. Jatukarnya or Jatukarna was a self-controlled sage — a member of Yudhisthira’s Court Mbh. This alone is the characteristic feature ofall Manvantaras. The characteristic features of the sons of charioteers and those of the Brahmanas are described in full.

In spite ofthe interpolatory portion, the Bd. The details of dynasties that ruled over Magadha since the beginning ofthe Kali Age are as follows: He is endowed with unparalleled knowledge, detachment, superhuman power and dharma.

Performance of annual obsequies on the New Moon Day Romaharsana commences his narration by describing the creation ofthe universe Bd.

The Kamadhenu flies away in the sky. How glad are we, the residents of this place, to see you, the best of sages, of excellent vows, hale and hearty, O intelligent one! After learning the purana, Lomaharsana became humbler. When the Pratyahara’ withdrawal of the Universe is imminent, Bhiitas elements, teulgu gross and subtle are anni- hilated, evolutes of Prakrti beginning with Mahat ahd ending with Visesas are destroyed.


Astadasa Puranamulu

When king ‘Uparicara’ Heaven-moving Vasu disagreed with this principle of non- injury, he fell down and sank to Patala 1. Mankana obeyed and Ganesa went on giving munificent gifts according to tiie wislies of all helugu worshippers. Atharva Veda 2. He was the greatest King of the Narmada region.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam

But very little information is preserved about non-Vedic Section of this Purana. Very obscure names of murchanas and their presiding deities are given in Introduction li Indra, Visnu and other gods attacked them. The Puranas mention three Gramas viz. This is no god but an evil spirit Bhttta. As the following topics are given as table of con- tents their special explanations will be given in their respective chapters.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam | Telugu eBook | hi Chakravarthi Ph.D. | Pustaka

It was at this place that Rama performed his horse- sacrifice V. Mythological legends The most outstanding feat ascribed to Rudra in all the Puranas e. This is much longer than the I above, and is given in the concluding portion of the Purana Bd. Thus the murchanas of the three gramas numbered twentyone. Pusalkar, in the Vedic Age takes B.