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boundlexs Digitized by Google Indirect Discourse. Inanis, e, empfy, tinrfnl ; idle, vse- less, ineaninylexs, cuin ; mere. Praise is to an old man an empty sound. Notice too the abl. They were called Romulus and Remus, and grew up with the sons of their foster-parents 6 on the Palatine Hill. Isocrates had many pupils of high rank, Isocrates nobili – tate discipulorum floruit. Antisthenes, the Cynic, was once very sick, 6 and cried out, ” Who will deliver me from these torments?

This subject was much discussed, de hac re multum disputatum est. Namque avia cursu ‘ Dum sequor, et nota excedo regione viarum, Heu! O, — ‘ that ‘ or ‘ the, ‘ with much the force of ‘ that dit, — historical ijres.

Priain takes n j arins btit ‘m induced czpio Hecuba take refuge tcith her at the altar. Capio II’s flexibility allows you to migrate at your pace, giving you the.


To give one a letter to carrydare literas alicui. A man of valor, vir fortis or fortissimus.

Full text of “Aeneid, Book II;”

Optical Storage Drive Type. On 8 the approach of the Roman army, the Veians left their city, clothed in funeral apparel, and bearing lighted torches.

They are always followed Digitized by Google Cases: Long since, but for the auguries, would Mardonius have given battle. Hannibal in the Alps.

Y come to the abode of.

Aeneas, invisible in a cloud, enters the citj’, sees with env fche people busily raising their new home, and finds that tl crews of his other vessels have been saved and brought 1 Carthage before the Queen. Gaul the landGallia, ae; the peopleGalli, orum.

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Digitized by Google 7o Latin Composition. Aeneas sets out bearing his aged father and the gods of Troy and leading his little son by the hand.

Sulla, encouraging his soldiers, who were 35, men well armed, led them to Rome. Ash grew up he became very beautiful, though rather eflfeminatt and was at last recognized and reinstated in his rights as th king’s son.

But savages are not satisfied until they extirpate 8 the community which is the object of their rage. Some skill 2 goundless an orator 8 is necessary to a commander. The e night is given as much prominence as the moon- th of these aided the Gi’eeks on their way. But they were supported by the spirit and confidence of their gallant leader, and by the recollection of victories won by their fathers.


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They assembled at the [appointed] day, convenerunt ad diem. I saw Scipio in his lifetime, Scipionem vivum vidi. L — Aeneas begins his story of Troy’s sad overthrow. Caesar was informed by letter, Caesar certior factus est literis or per liter as if the letters were official documents used expressly as means of information. Digitized by Google Cases: With verbs of Asking and Teaching: The learner must, accordingly, accustom himself to notice the true logical relation between the subordinate and the main clause; and express the former according to the Latin idiom, which will appear in the subsequent Lessons.

Egypt is watered by the Nile, and Mesopotamia made fertile by the Euphrates, Aegyptum Nilus irrigatMesopotamiam fertilem efficit Euphrates.