Latest versions of Autronic Autotune & manual tune software. (requires x 32bit code support), All SM3, SM4, EVO9 & Subaru – ECUs, Download. Select Manufacturer “Autronic” Model “SM4”. Refer to Race Studio Configuration user manual for further information concerning the loggers configuration. Autronic SMC Manual ver 6. Software. PC hardware requirements. The calibration and data logging software supplied with Autronic SMC ECU may be used.

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If the actual boost pressure is over the wanted boost pressure, and is getting near the level of wanted boost pressure plus Over boost margin, the SM4 will manuaal to control the boost control valve more aggressively, to try to avoid the overboost error. Set this up under “M2 tables axis setup”.

Don’t have an account? Options – 4 Stroke or 2 stroke engine. This is a good starting point. On the SM4, there is much more sophisticated manhal to counter the autrnoic, with rpm rate and boost rate enrichment tables, and with chip version 1.

Use this setting to get a smooth boost line with minimum spiking, then use the boost offset tables to correct the pressure and get a flat boost line. Higher engine speeds means the air temperature is less effected by the water temperature. Car takes off One is suitable for the connection of a Digital Airflow meter or Digital Flex-fuel sensor.

Finally a SM4 manual to download – Autronic MRM Forum

Engines with autronif camshaft can get at smother fuel map with this method, since it almost automatically will adjust the fuel delivery when the camshaft control is activated. If battery voltage drops to This calibration table allows engine coolant temperature and engine “load” dependent control of additional fuel delivery.

janual This table can be set to all zeros. Select your injectors or similar, If you not find yours contact your dealer for correct settings.


The period of time before enrichment recommences after throttle is again depressed. Either over, or under the membrane. The 4 Push-pull outputs are also suitable for a single stepper motor or two H-Bridges, or a single higher current rated H-Bridge when paralleled in pairs. After firing the spark, the SM4 will wait a short period and then switch the coil on again, regaining much of the lost energy in ringing. If the actual boost pressure is higher than the wanted boost pressure plus the Over boost margin, for Over boost time seconds, ahtronic SM4 will cut fuel to the engine until the boost pressure is down to safe values.

The Base Ignition Timing table should use load sites for pressure mapped engines. Normally the two white are am4 power and ground and the uatronic is signal and grey sensor ground.

These modules expect a 12 Volt input signal when idle.

Click here to open MRM Racing SM4 manual

Record the engine RPM. Sets the throttle position above which the closed throttle acceleration multiplier no longer has an effect on acceleration fuel delivery. Launch cut mode Launch cut mode. Setup “GPC inhibits” Recommended disabled 6. Select items to display on the graph Space bar. However the trigger will take control again when crossing the trigger threshold When logger full, will override oldest data in a circle buffer arrangement.

P-S Enrich timeout Post start enrichment time out. The last error of the family is always recorded along with the time stamp. If the engine does not pull any torque above rpm, it is not useful to continue with the high boost pressure. Calibration range is in KPa Gauge. Do not change these values until the fuel and ignition tables are fully mapped.

A nice help program called Injector Size. Target and how many times it sampled this reading. If you want an extra AUX fuel compensation table, you can uses these tables as long as you use the same compensation value for each cylinder Y axis is setup under “Tables axis setup” Make sure reading is correct for the whole span of the analog input range Since most aytronic have existing temperature sensor holes, it is often possible to mount the Bosch sensor in one of these holes.


Brake line locker to release 2 ms after mainclutch line locker. Adjust restrictor size, control range and dynamic comp to achieve a s4 10kpa or less movement boost line.

Setting it to rich may give the same problems autronjc when setting it to lean. Either over, or under the membrane. Power Supply – Current. When running the wiring for outputs, run any power autronif ground wiring to the locations where they will be connected, but do manal connect power or ground the connections yet. Over-run is deceleration with closed or very small throttle openings.

Anti-lag ignition timing for small capacity 4 valve central spark plug combustion chamber engines should be in range to deg. Got it, continue to print.

This can be enabled to protect the sites ssm4 the software has AutoTuned from being changed later or un-protected to allow changes after Auto Tuning has been completed. Anti-lag time out How long anti-lag stays on after is de-activated, zero will disable the anti-lag function. Either shorten -ve input lead back to shield or cut wire near connector pin. Linearization 1 — 4 Linearization table. Larger time span means less pages to print.

Now you have an accurate speed input for nanual logging, launch control, selecting boost table on basis of speed, and others. This is shown as a yellow cell.

You can reset the recorded limits or print the frozen values by pressing enter and selecting the options.