In October 23rd at MilanoCity Fairgrounds, during the tenth “Assintel Report ” presentation, 3 excellences of Italian ICT has been awarded. document and in our past and future filings and reports. refers to change in Italian IT Market spending yoy (Assintel expectations). Assintel estimates on market performance +%. The Group reported higher revenues and margins as compared with.

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In addition, the company is implementing projects to develop the region and oriented to the local community of the Oltenia region. In the focus was on gender equality issues. This master initiated in is developed in partnership with four universities in Romania.

Best practices | Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen

The company implements organisational structures to promote a better work-life balance; specific training for women; wage equality policies and social dialogue. This program is very important for the role models they provide to younger women. Strategies such as mentoring can make an enormous difference. Thanks to this initiative all the women working in the same office and with the same responsibilities and charge, can exchange their working hours as they want to follow their assitnel schedule.

Main actions are geared towards raising awareness and participation in forums related to equal opportunities and diversity. Companies also take part in the program and identify internal potential candidates.

Privacy Level Agreement (PLA) Code of Conduct

In the board induction process for new members of the Board of Directors specific repport is paid to the benefits of diversity in assintsl corporate decision making bodies. It has developed a strategic ICT vision with some key priorities to work on the next years focused on women and citizens. The employees under 35 have the possibility to send an SMS to the company baby-sitter who will be ready to take care after their children straight away.


The main objective of the company goes beyond this initiative: In Shanghai, too, the Salone del Mobile. In addition to government initiatives we analysed three companies that had been successful in having women on their board A university can apply for a Bronze Award by creating a plan for changes that support women scientists, a Silver Award for implementing these plans, and a Gold Award for producing evidence that the changes are having an impact.

The training includes sessions of team mentoring, expert sessions on the functioning of the board responsibilities, tasksnetworking events with other board members and skill-building workshops on networking, self-empowerment.

This list reveals the organisations that have best demonstrated that gender equality assinteo a key part of their business strategy, and the last one has been published in April Ruth’s mentor encouraged her to apply for travel funds to attend a conference, and to network. It consists of a voluntary business-led self-evaluation tool for companies to assess their non-financial performance in all aspects of corporate responsibility.

Privacy Level Agreement (PLA) Code of Conduct – Assintel

They also recognise the competitive advantage of having a diverse board: Italian private companies have put many initiatives in place to facilitate the work-life balance:.

Some other interesting best practices can be found in the USA. It is in our asisntel to continue to invest in China, where we enjoy absolute primacy as the leading furnishing suppliers.

The women all seem to have experience in large companies. In addition, the GENSET project received one million euros of funding, which ended up as part of the Portia Foundation this is a British non-profit foundation founded by a group of British scientists in The Latvian government is actively working to stimulate and motivate companies to take gender equality in decision-making serious. In a Comprehensive Equality Plan was implemented with specific target areas, including the promotion of women into positions of responsibility.

Not satisfied with these numbers, the Polytechnic has decided to take action on the matter and has developed a program to promote technical careers geport students in secondary education in order to improve the inclusion of women in these studies. Intesa Sanpaolo Group was confirmed also in Shanghai as institutional partner of the Salone del Mobile.


It focuses on developing assintwl necessary competencies and capabilities. Since this scholarship has been awarded to 30 female researchers in the field of life and applied sciences. The Index includes four key strategic areas, i. Two female managers receive mentoring from senior women leaders in other companies. Valore D is the first Italian association40 of large companies to support the development of women’s leadership. Graduate students have parallel programs.

And to encourage more women to apply for faculty positions, Princeton also has a policy extending tenure-track positions by an extra year following the birth or adoption assitel a child—an approach now popular with other universities across the United States. The project is funded under a European Economic Area Agreement with Norway and is free for participants. Through half-yearly analyses and reporting on a number of indicators progress is being tracked.

The rate of incoming women in this course confirms the trend: It allows employees to work from home. It foresees the option to reduce load for mother and fathers. In addition, it mentions implementing various measures to help female employees attain and develop in leadership roles.

Universities are encouraged to create female-friendly policies by the Royal Society’s Swan Charter Awards.

A group of women operating in the Autogrill central headquarters took part in the association Value D and participated in meetings and workshops on these issues, investing in a different approach to business as an added replrt for the company. CEMEX provides employees with the option to work from home and reduced workloads for parents men and women