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Must be ASME B compliant. 9. The manufacturer is to provide a 5 year product warranty. Pressure gauges to be Winters P3S Series or approved. Buy ASME B Pressure Gauges and Gauge Attachments (B – ) from SAI Global. Buy ASME B (R) PRESSURE GAUGES AND GAUGE ATTACHMENTS from SAI Global.

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8008A Pressure Gauge meets EN837-1 and ASME B40.100 standards.

Sanitary seals are quick disconnect types, where the upper and lower housings are held together by a unique clamp, permitting ease of dismantling and cleaning [see Fig. The friction error shall not exceed 1? The range of the standard must be not less than that of the gauge under test but may be higher, as long wsme the errors do not exceed 0. To compute their errors, geographical location and elevation must be asmee and gravity corrections applied, as outlined in NIST manometery and piston gage monographs.

The standard units for gauges shall be Customary English. Fatigue failure caused by pressure-induced stress generally occurs from the inside to the outside along a highly stressed edge radius of a Bourbon tube, appearing as a small crack that propagates along the edge radius.

The sample shall remain at each of these inclined positions for at least 1 min. The fill fluid vapor pressure must be compatible with the following: The recommended graduated n40.100 arc is deg. The addition of the seal will, however, affect the accuracy of the instrument. The first symbol designates the type of connection fitting. More than two pressure cycles may be desirable.


1017 Pressure Gauge

The gauge connection must be compatible with the mating connection, and appropriate assembly techniques must be used. Materials such as copper, brass, and silver brazing alloys should not be used. Some of these are a piston gage hydraulic or air b manometer c test gauge d pressure transducer or transmitter Selection of a standard is determined by the accuracy and pressure range of the gauge being tested, suitability of the medium, convenience of use, and availability.

Diaphragm capsule elements may have one or more capsules to provide appropriate displacement see Fig. Accuracy is the difference error between the true value and the gauge indication expressed as qsme percent of the gauge span. The following are physical properties of fill fluid: Cases with pressure relief openings will not always retain expelled parts.

Each scale on a dial with multiple scale shall indicate the units in which it is graduated. C-1 Case Design to permit transition to SI units. The standards are vehicles by which the Committee as a body can transmit to users the benefits of their b4.100 knowledge and experience as regards the proper and safe use of pressure gauges.

Internal pressure containing parts shall be joined by welding or nicrobrazing. A maximum stop shall prevent pointer motion beyond a point approximately midway between the last and the first dial graduation and shall prevent the pointer from striking an obstruction. Flush mounting kits shall be provided with all pressure gauges.

Standard instrument connections are 1? A diaphragm seal should be considered for use with pressure media that may cause plugging or clogging.

A Pressure Gauge meets EN and ASME B standards.

Plastic lower housing will not withstand the same pressures as metal equivalents. Apply proof pressure to the gauge under test and maintain for 1 min. ASME accepts responsibility for only those interpretations of this document issued in accordance with the established ASME procedures and policies, which precludes the issuance of interpretations by individuals.


The test s shall have a duration of 96 hr. Statistical methods, alternate procedures, or both, may be used when agreed to by the supplier and user. It will also reduce the possibility of disengagement of the movement mechanism caused by the inertial effect of sudden pressure changes.

Reaction with the medium could include toxic contamination or loss of purity, which may damage the process or render the medium unusable see para. Personnel specifying and installing pressure gauges used on oxy-fuel gas regulators asmf become familiar with the material presented in this section.

ASME B Pressure Gauges and Gauge Attachments – Free Download PDF

A shift in the pointer indication shall not exceed 5 times the specified accuracy. The absence of any inspection requirements in this specification shall not relieve the b40.010 of the responsibility of assuring that all products or supplies submitted to the purchaser for acceptance comply with all requirements of the contract.

This number is followed by the letter E for exponenta plus or minus symbol, and two digits indicating the power of 10 by which the number must be multiplied to correctly place the decimal 4b0.100.

The upper housing does not contain a matching or other support surface to support the diaphragm.