Taxonomy. Superdivision: Spermatophyta. Division: Angiospermae. Class: Dicotyledoneae. Family: Compositae (Asteraceae). Genus: Artemisia. PDF | The essential oil of Artemisia judaica L oil was analyzed by GC and GC/MS . Aproximately 95% of the components were identified, with piperitone (%). Artemisia judaica L. in Huys R, Kihara T C (). Systematics and phylogeny of Cristacoxidae (Copepoda, Harpacticoida): a review. taxonomic.

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Artemisia czukavinae Filatova Artemisia daghestanica Krasch. Seriphidium Besser ex Hook.

Senecio cinerariaSilene coronaria syn. Beithranis a medicinal and aromatic plant growing in the valley bottoms of desert areas, particularly in the southern desert of Jordan nearest to the Jordan-Saudi Arabia borders and in Wadi Araba in the Southern Badia. All grow best in free-draining sandy soil, unfertilized, and in full sun.

Furthermore, it is used for the treatment of stomach ache, heart diseases, sexual weakness, diabetes, gastro-intestinal disorders and external wounding.

Artemisia genipi Weber ex Stechm. Artemisia suksdorfii Piper — coastal wormwood, Suksdorf sagewort Artemisia sylvatica Maxim. Traditional lineages within Tridentatae were proposed on the basis of leaf morphology, habitat preference, and the ability to leaf-sprout, among other morphological and behavioral characteristics.

Judean wormwood : Herbal,Medicinal

Flora of North America. Artemisia maracandica Bunge Artemisia maritima L. It consists of 80 species found in both North America and Eurasia, [5] of which the best-known is perhaps Artemisia dracunculusthe spice tarragon. Chemical analysis of A.


Chinese mugwort, Artemisia argyiis used in traditional Chinese medicine. Artanacetum Rzazade Rzazade Abrotanum Mill. Wikispecies has information related to Artemisia. Artemisia capillaris Thunberg A.

Aro Artemisia australis Less. Koch Artemisia spinescens D. Am J Chin Med. Anthemideae at a Continental Crossroads: Artemisia borotalensis Poljakov Artemisia bottnica Lundstr. Gray — scabland sagebrush Artemisia rothrockii A. Artemisia pallens Wall Artemisia pannosa Krasch. Artemisia szowitziana Besser Grossh. Artemisia iudaica has beneficial effects in reducing the withdrawal syndrome of morphine.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Section Tridentatae includes above species with exception of Artemisia longilobawhich is treated as a subspecies of Artemisia arbuscula.

Artemisia judaica L.

Artemisia species grow in temperate climates of both hemispheres, usually in dry or semiarid habitats. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society The largest collection of living Artemisia species, subspecies and cultivars is held in the National Collection of Artemisia in Sidmouth, Devon, UK, which holds about taxa.

Druce Artemisia indica Willd. American Society of Plant Taxonomists. Artemisia comprises hardy herbaceous plants judiaca shrubswhich are known for the powerful chemical constituents in their essential oils. Gray xrtemisia Bigelow sage, Bigelow sagebrush Artemisia borealis Pall.

Artemisia judaica

Seriphidium Besser ex Less. Artemisia absinthium is used to make the highly potent spirits absinthe. Artemisia cina Levant wormseed [1]. A few species are grown as ornamental plantsthe fine-textured ones used for clipped bordering. Some botanists split the genus into several genera, but DNA analysis [6] does not support the maintenance of the genera CrossostephiumFilifoliumNeopallasiaSeriphidiumzrtemisia Sphaeromeria ; three other segregate genera StilnolepisElachanthemumand Kaschgariaare maintained by this evidence.


Koch Artemisia spicigera K. Ling Artemisia orthobotrys Kitag. The leaves of many species are covered with white hairs.

Artemisia judaica L. | Flora of Israel Online

Artemisia judaicaa Filatova Artemisia sublessingiana Krasch. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Artemisia.

Intergrading forms are particularly common in recently radiated subgenera such as Tridentataegiven their frequent reversals and convergent evolution.

The Old World species which different classifications put into the genus or subgenus Seriphidium consist of about species native to Europe and temperate Asia, with the largest number of species in Central Asia. Artemisia has been mentioned and used in popular culture for centuries. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.