AirStash® Model A02 User Manual – Read more about airstash, your, that, this, wireless and with. maxell air stash manual 4 Preface Congratulations on purchasing AirStash! Please read this manual in its entirety before using your AirStash. This manual. View and Download Maxell A02 quick start manual online. AirStash. A02 Card Reader pdf manual download.

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Instructions Please read the following instructions carefully before applying the firmware update.

Maxell air stash manual

It is an extra step, but this free application will give you the two way transfer you are looking for with your photos, as well as documents. A digital HDMI connection did not work either.

Thank you for your interest in the AirStash A This signals that the update is complete. Seven hours later with AirStash still blinking, my iPad shut down. AirStash is available in two versions: Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

AirStash® Support

They played on the ipod alright. This will work directly with the operating system, and should play video on the projector. Make sure the file is approximately 1. This device was introduced in and is no longer being actively sold or supported. Wait until your AirStash appears as a drive on your mqnual.

The company rates the battery for up to seven hours of continuous usage.


Home Maxell air stash manual. The update should begin automatically. To prevent this issue, please make sure AirStash is fully charged and do not disturb the AirStash unit until the update is complete. Please update your device software using the included Maxell branded card airstasu a 32GB or lower capacity card.

After the upgrade, eject your AirStash properly and perform the following factory reset procedure: Notebook users, accustomed to the ease of connectivity via built-in USB ports and card slots, have been known to clench their teeth adjusting to a world of Apple-induced roadblocks endemic with iOS devices alrstash iPads, iPhones and iPods. View and Download Maxell A02 quick start manual online.

Click here to download air If the update completed successfully, the AirStash should remount onto your computer and the update air Primarily the speed of the SD card that you are using, and the strength of the wireless signal.

While charging, a yellow LED fades on and off. It works with Android devices and virtually any Wi-Fi enabled device with a browser.

Since the video is already in an iPod ready format, you can also try viewing the video in the Safari browser, bypassing the application. Will the photo frame provide enough power to constantly recharge the AirStash?

Tech support explained that the trick to making the transmitter work is to hold down the AirStash button while plugging it into the power adapter. This seems to be a great product all around!


Under less than ideal circumstances it will take longer. Mine seems to have died: A difference is that the GoFlex relies on aitstash embedded hard drive, while the AirStash lets you swap memory cards as needed. Who’s hand is that in the pictures?

AirStash is a USB stick that plugs into any computer for transferring content. The AirStash is an interesting device. This will be indicated by the Status Indicator rapidly flashing yellow and green.

If the AirStash does not reappear as a mounted drive on your computer, and you have waited for a long duration where the Status Indicator is no longer rapidly flashing yellow and green: If this USB device can do this, can I transfer pics more than one at a time?

Please read this manual in its entirety before using your AirStash. It will show up as a USB drive on your computer. Verify you did not download a link or shortcut to the file if that happens, be sure to right-click and have your browser download the file.

I realize that this device has built in wifi capability, but can I view pictures on my iPad without access to wifi? Once chosen, the AirStash becomes a portable server, ready to wirelessly stream or copy files to your device.