: A Darker Domain: A Novel (): Val McDermid: Books. When Michelle Gibson reports her father, Mick Prentice, missing at the start of McDermid’s intricate but underwhelming stand-alone psychological thriller, Det. Subject: Question about “A Darker Domain” – warning spoiler. Why at the end when Susan meets Adam, does she say “I’m your gran, I mean.

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She needs to know where he is. The journalist in search of a story.

A Darker Domain by Val McDermid – book review

Va is identical to those used 20 years ago to demand the ransom for Catriona Maclennan Grant. Or at least changed Britain forever. This was a lot for the reader to follow without becoming a bit confused. Val McDermott always provides good suspense.

But does that translate to why we don’t like one book over another? Retrieved from ” http: While McDermid doesn’t play all of her cards too early, A Darker Domain almost completely runs out of steam once everything is revealed.

Looking on the bright side, if mcdsrmid with McDermid’s talent can turn out an occasional clunker, maybe there’s hope for the rest of us. This structure allows vomain author to present intricate plotlines and reveal facts in a manner that sustains the suspense.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I’ve read entire paragraphs ddarker I’ve had to Google every sentence.

They mean the Second World War. The reason Misha waited so long to report his absence is that both she and her mother felt that becoming a strikebreaker was equivalent to treason to the other minors and they wanted nothing more to do with him. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hardcoverpages.

Not McDermid’s best work–though that puts it above many mysteries written today. Simple premise leading on a many tangled and quite complex mystery. As always, Karen manages to infuriate her boss, and alienate some of her co-workers. What makes a story work, resonate, remain with us?

The action in this book does take a couple of overseas trips to Tuscany, but mostly it stays within the small mining community of East Wemyss a place that Val spent time with her grandparents as a childeomain the way that the setting is portrayed in this book is wonderful.

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The story jumps from the present to past events to describe events in real time as opposed to having someone relate them. There were some interesting settings including the Wemyss Caves in Fife that actually exist and have famous Pictish wall drawings. So there are two plot lines and two different time periods for each of them.

It kept my attention and had me wondering where you’d take your twists until the very end. Meanwhile, a journalist on vacation stumbles across evidence in the cold mcdermiv of a vanished woman and her son.

A Darker Domain

This is another fantastic book in the Karen Pirie series, although the end is mildly confusing and leaves some issues unresolved that I am sure are dealt with in a later series book. With two cases running parallel to one another in the narrative, McDermid must juggle all aspects effectively, keeping the story from getting too confusing or bogged down. However she has to hide this from her disapproving boss, Assistant Chief Constable Simon Lees – who’s been nicknamed ‘The Macaroon’ and considered a ‘numpty’ bit of a fool.

Karen is working simultaneously on the long delayed over twenty years! The UK miners’ strike and the disintegration of community that followed because of the suffering the miners and their families had to endure are central to the plot.

For all the wars there were before and since, when anyone speaks about the war or even the last warthey don’t mean the Great War, or any of those that might actually qualify as the last one. Can someone please tell me who Laurel is at the end of the book?

The two cases fight for her attention, with her boss seriously restricting her ability to mcdermix and pursue the wealthy Grant family despite wanting her to put all her efforts on that case. But reading this book was a chore. Detective Inspector Karen Pirie, a cold case cop who tends to go her own way, dives into the inquiry.

Cold Case squad detectives DI Karen Pirie and DS Phil Parhatka are initially looking into the disappearance of Mick Prentice – reported missing 22 years after he supposedly broke ranks and joined the scabs in the devastating miners’ donain of So much in this one book. In as DI Karen Pirie is taking details of Misha’s missing dad in a bleak room in a Fife police station, investigative journalist Bel Richmond is making a gruesome discovery in an abandoned Tuscan villa. The second in the series featuring the great, DI Karen Pirie.


Two cold case crimes are being investigated. So, yes, my apprehension of reading this was totally unwarranted – and yes, it was all in my head.

Personal tools Log in. A true blown hack, with pretensions to the big-time, Bel is convinced she can control and manipulate the situation to her own ends. Few British over the age of thirty will have forgotten. Cold cases, female detective in Scotland and Mcdermkd McDermid with her usual great story telling.

To view it, click here. There is a clock ticking, but there’s not a sense of urgency to the solve the cases. Reviewers often noted the fast paced style of the novel as it flashes back and forth between two plot lines, a contemporary crime in and the investigation of a cold case from I liked the setting Scotland, the miners’ strikeand clearly she’s a good writer, but the mystery dpmain made apparent with more than a hundred pages to go, and my interest wasn’t sustained.

One final sore point: Took a while for me to get used to especially as I was listening to the audiobook.

Review: A Darker Domain by Val McDermid | Books | The Guardian

Daughters being what they are, Catriona just ignores him and goes her own way regardless. McDermid was raised in Fifeand one reviewer credits her accurate review of the strikes to her experiences earlier in her life.

Misha has the best reason in the world to suddenly want to find her dad — the scab who allegedly went blacklegging in the Nottingham pits and caused the rest of the family to be not just abandoned by him but ostracised by the entire community into the bargain. Union busters and scabs.